Friday, 11 September 2015

Obsessive? Moi?

I seem to have a new collection. It's a great thing to acquire. It's storable and cheap. Dirt cheap. My tapestry love might have turned into an obsession.


I've still not finished my first bag. But what I like to do when I'm part way through a project is down tools and start another one.

Some of these I already had. The bird above came from a stool I wrote about on here.

Some of these I actually stitched when I was going through my cupid phase MANY years ago.
Oh come on! We all went through a cupid phase didn't we?

Birds and roses...

Cottages and gardens...

Ships and castles...

 Even York Minster. And why not?

  It's like all of English history is here!

The most I've paid for these is £2. I've removed them from dusty old frames and they're ready to be transformed into bags. I like to place them together to see what goes with what as I design my next bag. My husband gives me strange looks.

Look what happens the minute my back is turned...

Bad Bobby has no respect for precious textiles.

When I wrote the post before last, I couldn't recall what it was that set me off on an exhilarating google journey into recycled tapestry.
I have now remembered.
I saw this cushion cover in a charity shop, liked it but didn't need a cushion cover and thought it would make a nice bag.

A seed was sown. (Or should that be sewn? )

Here is my very much still unfinished bag. In case the suspense has been killing you...

It will ultimately have two handles...

The handles are leather and pre drilled for ease of sewing them on. I got them HERE.

They were £13.95 with free postage which isn't bad at all for leather. You could alternatively use an old leather belt and have your local cobbler rivet it on for you. I think I'll do that next time.

The cows are worked in petit point which is laborious to do. (Not by me.)

I thought that stitching the handles on with a contrasting embroidery thread and doing a running stitch round the edges in  the same thread would funk it up a little.

I think that was a fail.

But, here's the thing. Next weekend I'm going HERE....

So I'm going to need to finish my bag, (or another one) to take with me!
I've got a week.
I'm highly productive under pressure.
So watch this space.

If you're going to Kirsties Handmade Fair next weekend and spot me, come and say hello. I'll be the lady with the recycled tapestry bag.


  1. I love your cow bag!!
    I've been on the lookout for old tapestries ever since you shared your first post and have found none. Have you visited every chazza in the UK to gather than tremendous stash?
    Good to see Bad Bobby, he's a beaut!
    Don't let Tory Allsopp see your bag, she'll do a whole series on 'em. xxx

  2. Gorgeous Em once again I'm green with envy.............did you know Kirstie is my hero, I was watching a rerun at midnight last night of Kirstie's Vintage Home. Can you tell her I love her :-)

  3. I can't believe you've got so many tapestries! I too have now started looking out for them. You've started something Emma! I was over the moon to discover a new charity shop in Wantage this week, well actually a big shed - with furniture.... I got 5 glasses, a cafetiere, a stamp pad, a fantastic magnifying glass, and a completely unused CONE of butcher's twine all for £7!

    1. Ooh, treasures indeed! You need to blog so I can see them!

    2. I'm currently setting one up, here on Blogger, almost ready to go live, after weeks of working out how to do it. Is it just me being thick or is it really not all that easy? The process has been doing my head in. I don't get Google+. Do I need it!? Why aren't half my gadgets showing up in my preview? Aaaaaaaaaarggggghhhhhh.......back to the sewing...

    3. Are you pressing SAVE before you preview? Also refresh your preview with every change. I don't get Google + either. Or Twitter. Or smart phones. So if I can do it, you can!!!

    4. Oh thank you Emma. I think I am pressing save. Am just about to go back to it now.Glad there's so much you don't get, makes me feel better. And you a lot younger than me too!!

  4. What a blinding collection of tapestries. Love the WIP. I'd forgotten about Cupids, but yes I even cross- stitched a cupid entwined F, I wonder where it is?

  5. Such a lovely collection Emma Kate and I love how you actually follow through with your projects, I wish I were half as productive! xx

    1. Very rarely do I do that Sarah! The kitchen makeover is coming up to two years in progress! I'm just smitten with tapestry at the mo though. xx

  6. Wow that's a lovely collection love the pink roses and the birds and your bag is coming on great :-) You will have a great time at the show I do love Kirsty. Have a fab time and take lots of photos if you can, dee xx

  7. I always enjoy your posts filled with creativity and a side of humor! You've amassed quite a collection of needlework pieces and my favorites are, of course, the one you're working on right now, and the cottage pieces. They look so English to me! Now you've challenged yourself to show up at your event carrying your finished bag. I hope you get a chance to sleep this week.

  8. That ship one is incredible!! And my first thought on seeing your stash was genuinely "OOH! LOOK AT THE CUPID ONE!" (yes, I think in capitals when excited). My Cupid Phase was 2007-2009. xxx

  9. Sorry, the Cupid thing was just you and Fiona!
    But the tapestry/petit point thing, I definitely get, and your collection is fantastic. Kirstie, I don't love so much, I'm afraid... I'd far rather see Bad Bobby! xxx


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