Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Skip diving, birthdays and wallpaper...

Yes that's a random title but that's what's been going on around here.
First of all, I've managed to skip dive TWICE in a week and get some cool free stuff.

Ooh, a skip diving party! How fun!
The other day I spotted a skip with LOTS of bubble wrap and grabbed the lot. Yay me!
And today, I couldn't find my pollyfilla so I went to buy some more, passing a very exciting looking skip full of windows! Obviously I couldn't pass it up without stopping and investigating.
I knocked on the door of the house and the bemused gentleman said I could take his old windows. So I did.

I took five 1930's wooden windows in all. Look at the lovely old window furniture!

What will I do with them?
Perhaps more of this window art...

I think I'll put one of those catches on here.
Or I may use them to turn my raised beds into cold frames in the spring. This year I used three of our old secondary glazing panels but the frames are coming off and we broke one. These windows will be MUCH prettier.

We've also had a party for the last part of Connies First Holy Communion and  mine and Connies birthdays this week. I turned 44 and she turned 8. I think turning 8 is much more exciting. As you may know she's crazy about 'Littles Pet Shop' figures. We always look for them at boot sales and charity shops. Well on Sunday I found TONS of them and gave them to her on her birthday. She was THRILLED! A very lucky find indeed.

We thought we'd decorate her (shop bought) cake* with an LPS and we lit the candles and brought it into the room and started to sing. Connie started SCREAMING as she thought the LPS was going to burn. So that went well.

*I don't believe in baking. Plus we had my twin brothers birthday, my birthday (different day) First Holy Communion (part 3) cake and Connies birthday all in three days. I would have spent hours in the kitchen. And if I'm going to spend hours in the kitchen, I'd much rather be working on it than in it.

So leading quite neatly back to the kitchen, I have received my latest roll of wallpaper from Your4walls and I'm hoping to get on with that today. Obviously, I've been hindered by dashing out for pollyfilla, skip diving and blog writing.

As this one was too grey with the grey units...

I eventually went with this one...

...after a brief love affair with another one that didn't match the splash back at all. (Still working on that website.) This roll came super fast.

We've got one more party to go this weekend so the house has to stay relatively tidy for that, then all hell will break loose, chaos will rein once again and I can get stuck into some serious DIY. Bring it on.

And the party? We're remaking Pharells 'Happy' video on location locally with 12 little girls. Why not, if your daddy's a film maker? Wish us luck!

P.S. Apologies to anyone who watched The Auction house on my recommendation last week. It wasn't the slightest bit funny. What happened to it?