Monday, 5 September 2016

Walk In Wardrobe Part 2...

Even before the stud wall was built, creating the space for the wardrobe, I was planning its interior.

So many options!

Fabulously girly?

Sleek and modern?

One of those hanging systems?

Er, some of these are clearly ROOMS rather than walk in wardrobes!

All very lovely. But the vibe I'm going for in this house is cottagey. It's not desperately old but the rooms are not generous, the ceilings are not high and the upstairs rooms have sloping walls as they're in the roof, so I can get away with it. The house was devoid of any character whatsoever when we moved in so it's been great to work with a blank canvas in many respects but you also have to work with what you've got.

We aren't going to get away with grand. I have no interest in modern. And too girly isn't fair on the husband. Plus I'm not really a girly girl.

I like old.


A bit of industrial...

But most of all, I want to get this look without spending a fortune and I want to do it all myself.

So let's start with the brick wall. I decided to create one feature wall. I knew I wanted something more substantial than wallpaper so I started investigating Brick Slips.

To get a beautiful brick slip, cut from real reclaimed bricks you are looking at anything from £40 per square metre plus carriage. And they're not light. Or easy to cut.

I found these...

On eBay from NGT DESIGN

No this is not a sponsored post.

The beauty of these brick slips is that they are half the price of real ones, are flexible and easily cut with scissors.

They come in seven different colours and I wondered if I could turn them from this...

into something more like this...

real bricks

So I had a little play with paint and went from this...

To this...

I'll explain how next time. 

But I'll give you a sneaky peak of how it all turned out!

my bricks

I'm in love with my faux brick wall. I can never, ever move house again. Sadly I now have to give away most of my clothes so that they don't obliterate the feature wall in the wardrobe. 
Back soon...