Friday, 11 January 2013

Recent finds...

With plummeting temperatures and the threat of snow I fear I may not make it to my car boot sale on Sun. I know! Heartbreaking!

I've done quite well recently though, so let me show you my finds.
Remember this?

Well, I found a new home for it on the mantelpiece. It looked lovely but lacked a bit of symmetry.
At the car boot sale in York last week, look what I found...

I thought it was another crate so I bought  it for £2. When I got home and looked properly I realised it's not a crate at all, but a drawer!

 The top edge is much thicker as this is the drawer front.

The knob has been cut off leaving the screw embedded. The front is a painted finish and you can see where a label once sat.

The shape of the missing label makes me wonder if it's a drawer from an old apothecary chest...

But don't they make a sweet pair? The newer one is looking dark as I treated it for woodworm and it will be a while before it dries out as the woodworm treatment is oily.

I'm a little tempted to lighten both of them up with a wash of paint. And I've worked out what I'm going to paint on the front but I'll save that for another time. I thought they'd look more authentic if they had different logos on them, rather than doing the lavender one again.

This weeks flea market was a goodie! I bought this fabulous metal crate!
(I say fabulous, but I got some funny looks walking round town with it! Possibly because it was COVERED in congealed cobwebs and vegetation! I pulled off the big lumps before I dared take it into work with me at the charity shop, then washed it with the shower head in the bath which blocked the plughole THREE times it was so grim!)

I'm thinking bathroom shelving? We have the skankiest, most dysfunctional bathroom  I've ever seen but we are hoping to rectify the situation this year.

My husband never even batted an eyelid at it's appearance in our home. I thought I might have to try and convince him of how great it is. He likes the painted crate so maybe this isn't too far for his imagination to stretch!

And speaking of eyelids... Bad Bobby is in the doghouse having woken me at FIVE a.m. by pressing his cold wet nose into my sleeping eyelid to say, ''Isn't it breakfast mummy?'' Then purring at top volume right by my ear so I can't go back to sleep. He really is a naughty boy. If I tell him off and push him away he will go straight into my six year olds room and wake her up. He knows damn well that if she's up, we're all up!
Bad Bobby is the more conventional looking cat below...

I don't know what to say about Fat Freddy. He's angelic but a bit weird...

My handsome boy.

So it's an early night for me tonight!

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  1. What a fantastic find on the wooden crate/drawer. I agree that it would be more authentic if they had different labels on them.

    I thought you had bought a shopping trolley at first What a find though, it would make lovely shelving especially in a bathroom.

  2. Love the wooden drawer/crate. A real good find.
    Your puss is gorgeous, marmalade woke me up this morning too, my husband got up early to go to the gym and left her to roam so what did she do? Came up two flights of stairs to sneak into bed with me!

  3. Hi, Thanks for your comment on my blog. I see we share an interest in painting things. I paint thrift-store shoes as well as furniture. Your drawer find is a nice sturdy little container and I can see myself acquiring that as well as the wire crate, too. Bad Bobby looks so angelic in his bed. But, obviously looks are deceiving...


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