Friday, 1 November 2013

So... Hallowe'en...

I should have written this post yesterday but it was all a bit frantic round here as we were preparing for our Hallowe'en party. My daughter has had the most miserable half term as she's been poorly for the whole week. We had a trip to the doctors yesterday and she found no sign of a chest infection or anything and declared her to be not contagious so the party went ahead. Because we'd spent the morning at the doctors I was way behind on my Hallowe'enery. The afternoon was a blur of activity.

We always do a fancy shmancy pumpkin with templates and a Joost Elffers tribute pumpkin with the stalk as the nose. I love the work of Joost Elffers.

We had seven seven year olds and we were clearly on the same wavelength as they thought everything was ''So cool.''

idea from Pinterest

In a few years it will all be ''so lame'' and I will have to up my game.
And actually scare them!

The dresser made a great gruesome display cabinet.

Morrisons supermaket is where we found some cool new decs this year, like the fingers here...

...and the blood splattered arm.

Not to mention the cockroaches...

At last, a practical use for a white painted staircase!

The girls enjoyed their tea party...

And there were cobwebs galore...

Then we all went Trick or Treating round the neighbourhood. They were very happy with their overflowing
buckets and their going home presents...

idea from Pinterest

Now it's all being boxed away in the loft along with a few 75% off bargains I picked up today for next year.

I hope you all had a good Hallowe'en.

Right then. Christmas...


  1. What a brilliant Mum you are! The decorations look absolutely fantastic :) Glad to here your daughter managed to hang out with her friends. What costumes were they wearing? xxx

    1. Thanks Katie, they were mostly witches with a skeleton and a vampire. I was going to be a sexy goth girl but I had to ditch the costume as I looked like Ozzy Osbourne in drag. xxx

  2. looks great, wish I'd been there. The best Halloween party I had as a kid my parents went overboard, we were 11. There was a big plastic tub on a table with lucky dip presents in hay, and my dad had secretly cut a hole in it and the table it was on, and when anyone put their hand in and groped around, his hand grabbed them from underneath the table ...

  3. Looks like a very cool party, although those roaches are a little too scary....

    1. Thanks Betsy. I got some great milipedes today for next year. It'll be a bug fest!

  4. You are such a brilliant mum! the house looks fantastic! Hope little 'un feels much better soon. x

  5. The cockroaches are fabulous revolting! Looks like a great party!

    Kate Just Pirouette and Carry On...

  6. Brilliant decorations!! My youngest granddaughter really doesnt like much about halloween though and I kept everything fairly low key!

  7. That looks just brilliant! What great pumpkins and decorations, I bet the girlies absolutely loved it all. The doughnuts are hilarious! You've set the standard now, there will have to be a party every year and an ever-increasing level of fright factor! Hope C's feeling better now. xxxx


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