Sunday, 31 August 2014

Grandads vintage wallpaper...

I'm back from trips to the Isle of Wight and Devon and no DIY has taken place. Perhaps when Connie goes back to school this week but I've hurt my back so perhaps not.

I have a whole summers worth of second hand scores to share but I want to start with a post about my late Grandads house in Devon. My Grandad passed away 13 years ago but his second wife, my step grandmother still lives in the large Edwardian house.

I stayed there earlier this month and asked her if I could share the fabulous wallpaper with you. I think there's something for everyone here. So come on in.

In the huge hallway is a pretty pink toile de jouy above the dado rail and a soft pink below. Elegant and classical.

In the sitting room things get a little bolder...

I love this design and I think it works as the room is so large so it doesn't suck all the light out of the room. This is on just one wall.

The kitchen was decorated in the 1971. I think it shows...

Again, just one wall is papered. To give you an idea of scale, that fireplace is above shoulder height.

In the drawing room you can see the oldest wallpaper in the house.

This was the best room for receiving guests. It's very elegant in here, if somewhat shabby chic. 

Here's the ceiling moulding at the top of the room above the door.

Fabulous high ceilings

On the staircase, below the dado is anaglypta with so many layers of paint on it. Very English.

See the bakelite light switches? Grandad painted everything. Perhaps I get that from him. 

In one of the bedrooms is this greek themed wallpaper. 

Here's the door to give you an idea of the scale...

A piece of wallpaper was used under the glass finger plate on the door too. The other walls are a soft grey.

On to the bathroom with this mustard yellow...

 another bold choice with the orange woodwork.

In the back bedroom, is this fabulous paisley design.

Some strong colour on the fireplace too.

The next landing up has this doll wallpaper. My grandmother loved dolls...

Isn't it amazing? Those dolls are huge!

Last of all, what was my dads attic room and what would have been the servants room originally.

I'm guessing another 1960's paper. Hopefully decorated after dad left. 

Around the same time, all the furniture in here was painted in gloss hot pink. 

So you see, the feature wallpapered wall is not a new thing. My family invented it long ago! And the desire to paint everything is clearly in my genes, even if the colours I choose are less bold. 

I hope you enjoyed a wander around this beautiful house.


  1. What an amazing collection of unusual and fabulous wallpapers. Loved seeing them.

  2. Fantastic to see all those wallpapers and how lovely to have stayed in such a fab house.

  3. Oh my goodness, how gorgeous! I loved the tour and am thrilled that your step-Grandma kept that wonderful wallpaper. I thought I was going to die of envy at the 1971 turquoise print but the dolls might be the most incredible thing I've ever seen. Thanks for sharing, a great post.
    Hope the back feels better soon. xxx

  4. great post - really enjoyed the tour. Thanks.

  5. Oh wow Em fabulous tour. I hope your back is better soon xxx

  6. There is nothing not to love about all of this! They aren't all papers I would necessarily want to live with but they are all beautiful. I think the paisley may be my favourite.

    Hoping your back is better very soon x

  7. What a lovely collection and lovely that your Step Grandmother has kept it the same!
    Check out my Parents place in France for very similar bold designs:

    Hope your back is better soon, looking forward to seeing your kitchen updates xx

  8. Some of those are really beautiful; I love the stripy one.

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

  9. What an absolutely fantastic house! I particularly love the colours in the kitchen. Your Grandfather was clearly a wonderful man- I hope he worked for an interiors/paint company and shared his love of colour with the world xxx

  10. My comments seem to be going nowhere, so I'll try again.....

    I can't believe that the wallpaper held up so well without fading! I love the colors in the kitchen paper and the sitting room paper is gorgeous. Thanks for the mini tour!

  11. I bet the house is amazing, if the wallpaper is anything to go by! Love the 1960-70s bold prints, and those dolls are wonderfully bonkers! Hope your back feels better soon, and that the return to the school routine goes smoothly. xxx

  12. Those are amazing! I do have to say that the doll paper is slightly disturbing.


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