Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Trundling on...

Oopsie. Didn't mean to take a blogging mini break there. I guess there were animals that needing saving and ghosts that needed freeing after all. A womans work is never done. Obviously I've still found time to paint the kitchen ceiling, paint the corner cabinet and start the designs for the next splashback. Simultaneously.

I'm not showing you the finished corner cabinet. Truth be told I've created a monster. More of that another time...

This is the primer stage. This is how we live. House Beautiful it's not. 

Onto second hand scores.
I found this footed ironstone bowl at the flea market.

Still can't get that horizon straight in my photos. I really have a wonky eye.

It has all the wedding anniversaries on it. It's funny, I got this a few days after our anniversary which we both forgot!

Fortunately we're neither of us sentimental types so we don't mind.

The chazzing has been quite thin on the ground really. The boot sale still hasn't recovered from the Christmas break and the cold weather puts people off. Can't blame them. I wouldn't want to stand around in the cold for six hours on a Sunday when I could be nibbling on a croissant in my cosy home.

But I did spot the most curious thing at the flea market. Those of a nervous disposition, read no more. If you're eating, look away now. You have been WARNED.

The man selling this said it had been on his stall for SIX years and no one wanted it. So he GAVE it to me.

Leaves a nasty taste in the mouth doesn't it?

By way of an apology I'll offer a little competition...

Do you think you know what it is? Leave a comment below and correct answers will be drawn from a hat. I promise the object above is NOT the prize. I shall find something more suitably suitable. Overseas folk can guess too please. And make sure you're not a 'non-reply blogger' so I can contact you.

That's all for now folks, I'll bid you adieu. I'll try harder next time. And I have a lot of blogs to catch up with.


  1. Love your anniversary bowl. The tin held stamps I think. Tampon means stamp in French, (rubber stamps.) and éclair means lightening. It says 'for stamps (the postage type) in metal and rubber' so maybe it was for top speed franking? Hope you find out.

  2. PS I wouldn't mind at all if the tin WAS the prize.

  3. eeeeuuwwww Em ...I am eating ( a Lindt chocolate ball). I'm guessing a stamp pad for timber or metal stamps!

  4. I have no idea what your tin is used for without consulting Dr.Google! I like the way you operate- many projects simultaneously. My word of the year is focus, so we'll see if I cure myself of that very thing. Highly doubtful.

    Painting ceilings is the worst! Your corner cabinet is looking good to me, and I tend to buy my own anniversary gifts, too. Nice to see you back!

  5. It is for storing rubber and metal stamps (guess my GCSE French was useful for something after all!).

  6. Using my poor neglected french a level, I think it's an ink pad for stamping!

  7. Love that bowl, and your on-going multi-tasking project juggling, Emma!
    Everyone's trying to be so clever with their French, when obviously the tin is for storing your tampons. Vintage ones. Or your chocolate eclair sweeties. Or both. I win! xxx

  8. I too think it's an ink pad - can be used with wood metal or rubber stamps. I just pinned a cute ink bottle to go with it by the same firm. I collect manky old tins ...

  9. Definitely an ink pad for a rubber stamp. I'm intrigued to see the finished cabinet now, it's looking good so far - if only I were as good at finishing projects, so far my white bathroom just has a variety of grey stripes where I'm trying out different tester pots ...

  10. From the state of tin I would guess it would have contained DIY stuff such as batterys, leads, cables etc. Can imagine a macho carpenter carrying around tin of tampons!!

  11. I love your anniversary bowl its really sweet and I never knew what you meant to have all the anniversary years so that's just lovely in it's self wonder who it first bought for :-) hmmm the tin its not for soaps is it? or for stamp making? dee x


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