Sunday, 12 April 2015

Cinderellas house...

I may have mentioned before that I'm a frustrated set designer. I can get terribly distracted whilst at the cinema by the furniture or the scenery. 

But never have I been so utterly distracted by a film set as when I watched the new Disney film Cinderella.
Oh. My. Word.

You have to go. If you don't have kids borrow someone elses. No, forget that. They'll just want a wee at the best bits.
Go alone. 

The interior decor in Cinderellas home is a decorative painters wet dream. Think Swedish Gustavian Chinoiserie Folk Art deliciousness.

I've tried hard to find pictures on the net. And I've not done too badly.
 Here's a glimpse of the stepsisters bedroom...

That's got to be hand painted right?   I love how the mirrored candle sconces become part of the floral design on the wall.

This one is scraping the bottom of the barrel but you can see a glimpse of Chinoiserie on the walls here...

 Here's a better look at the same room...

Wonderful bamboo friezes in the dining room...

But my favourite room of all was the entrance hall and staircase. It was breathtaking! And really hard to find a picture so I can show you what I mean...

 I loved the muted green base colour and the spaces between the trees. Often these designs can be quite full on with many trees close together. I liked that here they were spaced out.

The trees were painted up the entire stairwell...
 You can almost see one here behind Cate.

And again here...

I told you it was hard to find pictures of it. You'll just have to see the movie. I cannot wait until it comes out on DVD so I can watch the walls frame by frame. I just might let my husband talk me into a stupidly large telly to view it on.

 But that isn't all this film has to offer. Oh no. I'm talking Mora clocks, a folk painted armoire, a tiled Swedish stove, a dough bowl left lying around in the garden (was Cinders not aware what they sell for on eBay?) and an apothecary chest in the kitchen.

Even some chappie from Game of Thrones.

But back to the walls...
I know what you're thinking.  Where could the set designers have found their inspiration? I'm thinking that too! See how alike we are?

I think we can look no further than the exquisite interiors of Drottningholm Palace in Sweden...

Or our very own slightly more gaudy Brighton Pavillion...

Or possibly the dressing room of Estee Lauder heiress Aerin Lauder...

Oh yes. That's the one.

My daughter had expressed a desire for trees, birds and butterflies on her bedroom wall.
 I thought she meant something like this...

It's a ''No'' from me.

But it turns out she's into chinoiserie too. I could have a bash at this...

There's even a lovely little film on youtube showing how it's done. And doesn't she make it look easy?

Join me next time when I hope to have given my entire house the Swedish Chinoiserie look and we'll be finding out if you really can pull off this look in a 1960's semi.

Until then, go and see Cinderella!



  1. It's always a bit dangerous when I see something like this and i think, 'That looks easy ...' - wouldn't it look great in my bathroom on the pale grey tongue and groove ...

    1. It really would look great! Oops, should I not encourage you?

  2. I'm so out of touch, I've never heard of this film. I mean, I've heard of Cinderella, obviously, but not this film version!
    (Oh right, just googled it - it's the one with the woman from Downton, isn't it? And there's been all that fuss about her tiny waist!)
    Looks gorgeous though. You can do that, Emma! xxx

    1. Well, apparently she is from Downton but I've never seen it so I had no clue who she was. I'm more of a Poldark gal myself. xxx

  3. One question, what happened to the Ugly Sisters?
    I'm off Cinderella at the moment. I had to write the story in French recently and it took me two bloody hours. I agree with Curtise, I am sure this lovely look is not beyond your capabilities.

    1. I'm not sure... they're both pretty gorgeous but had terrible dress sense. Perhaps the term ugly is offensive now!

  4. The set looks absolutely gorgeous, my favourite thing - over the top opulence. I don't think I'd like Cinderella though, I'm a bloke where films are concerned - violence, drugs and menace. xxx

    1. But it has SHOES Vix! Don't write it off... xxx

  5. hmm, interesting décor but I am fixating on the kids rainbow with no green in it and wondering why. ♥

  6. Stupid blogger! It refuses to publish my (carefully honed, hilariously worded) comments. Gah. In summary, Cinderella= beautiful, and I will take your advice on the solo cinema date immediately xxx

  7. Gorgeous pictures - I'll have to go and see the new Cinderella.

    Lizzie Dripping

  8. Love that you watched this film for the interiors! I haven't seen it but will be looking out for the walls when I do :) x

  9. I so want to watch this film now! The sets look gorgeous but I am even more drawn to the costumes. I wonder when it will be out on DVD ... M x

  10. Thanks for this posting. I, too, looked all over the Internet for photos of the house set. When I was watching the movie, I kept thinking, "Stop! I want to see that!" I was hoping to find a companion book at Amazon with photos of the set, which would have been wonderful, but, of course, there isn't one. I even checked out Dante Ferretti (production designer) and Francesca Lo Schiavo (set decorator) online, but no luck. Looking forward to the DVD so I can stop it and have a gander. Also, thanks for posting the chinoiserie video!

    1. Mary you are a kindred spirit! Glad it's not justy me obsessing about walls in films!

  11. I haven't seen the movie yet but after reading your post I will give it a try. Can't wait to see your house next time

  12. Oh, I'm so glad to see this post! I was also extremely distracted by the beautiful sets and as soon as I got back from the theater I really wanted to paint an accent wall in my bedroom inspired by Cinderella-- but I couldn't find pictures or even what to google for for inspiration. I'd love to see a follow-up post sometime with screenshots if you ever do get a copy of the movie! :)

  13. Hello Emma,
    I'm Emiliano Missaglia, antiques seller from Italy. First of all excuse me for my bad english..
    In 2013 i sell to Walt Disney the "folk painted armoire", the "apothecary chest" and many others furniture.
    You can still found on my site!

    1. Hi Emiliano, so they are actual antiques then! I had supposed they were all painted props made to look like antiques. Perhaps the house is real too?
      Your website is filled with breathtaking furniture. You must have some adventures tracking things down!
      Thanks for visiting!


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