Wednesday, 7 August 2013

It's not grim up north...

I'm up in York and blogging from my dads house. It's been good so far. My daughter has seen her cousins and we chazzed til we dropped in York yesterday. I found something very cool which I'll have to show you another time as it's too dark to photograph it now.

I just wanted to share with you this little vintage boutique we stumbled upon.

This is 'Purple Haze' on Fossgate.

Apart from having a great name and lovely vintage clothing on two floors, they have the coolest, most fabulous dressing rooms I have ever seen.

Check this out...

They have vintage wardrobes as dressing rooms! They've taken out the floor and the back, used some lovely wallpaper and a rug, and hey presto...utter perfection!

And there was another one...

Isn't that clever? It's like Narnia. Without all the snow and little talking animals. I want to do this in my home! I cannot think of a better way to access the walk in wardrobe I shall one day build!

Today we visited Filey which is a little seaside town. I can't remember the last time I went. It's got a huge beach and is very un commercialised which I like.

The kids and I had a bracing paddle in the freezing North Sea.

Here I am with my trousers rolled up...

Sadly I was lacking the knotted hanky on my head.

Back soon with my charity shop score...


  1. Wow those dressing rooms are amazing. Have a lovely time and I can't wait to see your charity shop finds xxx

  2. I'm going to have to pop in there next time we get to York. The second wardrobe is exactly the same as one my mum and dad used to have which they bought brand new in the 1950's. Gorgeous but too big for most modern houses today.Looks perfect there though!It will be nice to hear more about your adventures.Are you staying for the weekend, if so there may be a big boot sale on at the racecourse on saturday providing there is no race meeting.Its amazing!

  3. Oh Wow what a great idea for a dressing room every little girls dream I should say who remember Narnia :-) so good to hear you are having a lovely time away. Look forward to seeing your charity shop finds, dee x

  4. I have been in that shop, the changing rooms are lovely but alas the prices are not... Did you see the charity shop (forget which - Sue Ryder maybe?) which has a vintage section upstairs?
    Looking forward to seeing what you found, and you can't beat a bit of Yorkshire beach action, paddling and donkeys included! xxxx

    1. Yes, we always go in there. Constance cracked me up with her expertise upstairs. ''Mummy! Look at this! I think this is vintage!'' Bless her! xxxx

  5. Donkeys and freezing waters are a must for northern beaches, shame about the knotted hankie though! lol. That shop looks fabulous and very intriguing xx

    1. I was thinking about that! Is it only up north where they have donkey rides on beaches?! xx

  6. What a brilliant idea with those old wardrobe doors, I'm very inspired to do something similar!
    Have fab time, very jealous of your beach time. x

    1. Ha! It wasn't as relaxing as it looked with three under eights in tow! xx


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