Thursday, 17 October 2013

The next project...

I've made a decision about the next project to tackle in the house. In my daughters bedroom is a very ugly but incredibly spacious cupboard.

Seeing as it's so ugly I have allowed the sticking of posters all over it.

Totally grim...
Mmm, nice catches. Not.

I think they used bits of skirting board to trim it. Nice touch.

Here I removed some ugly trim so I could put coving up.

This cupboard used to house a massive water tank but we ripped that out when we installed a combination boiler and when my dad came we built some shelves...

Do excuse the mess. The emptyish shelf is normally piled high with bedding but I pulled it all out as I was looking for some hinges.

What? You don't store hinges with your bedding?

Ooh look, some nice pipes stick out above the bottom of the cupboard.

I thought we might get some nice country cottage doors made for this cupboard. Like this...

Not orange though!!!

We didn't actually get a man in to quote for them though. (I'm sure that tailor made doors don't come cheap!) I decided to build them myself. Then, having thought it all through, I decided it would be even easier to clad the original doors with toungue and groove, get the right hinges and get the look of country cottage doors without them having to be structurally strong, entirely flat etc,etc. We can always replace them at a later date when we win the lottery.

If I stuff it up, all I have lost is about £30 on timber, panel pins, glue, and the hinges. Then we go and get some made.

Later today I'm adventuring out to Wickes, which is the furthest I've ever driven, to get some timber so I can start tinkering. Watch this space!

Also, did anyone catch Sarah Beenys ''Double your house for half the money'' this week? I love Sarah Beeny. She's a little scary as she tells people off but you know what? She is always right. So we have that in common.

The lovely Sarah Beeny

Anyhow, one of the families featured was a family of EIGHT living in a bog standard 3 bed semi and the transormation was quite incredible. The lady had the most interesting and fabulous taste, and little budget and sourced everything secondhand. So if you missed it, it's really worth catching it on 4 oD.

Well done to Curtise for (accidentally) spotting my husbands 'Blue Steel' phase in my last post. She wins something extraordinarily cool. When I get round to it.

The other one is ''The Smoulder''
 These were taken a very long time ago and he doesn't look like this now. I'm not allowed to give you an update. No fun...

And just time for a gratuitous Fat Freddy pic. Or two.

It's time for the boys annual trip to the vets for injections and weighing so that means it's our annual bollocking about their weight. Oh dear.


  1. Much more gratifying to DIY than to get a man in....and cheaper as you said. Fat Freddy looks very content, My puss has always had a heart murmur so she's on rations but the vet sends me on a guilt trip every time as I won't give her an ECG.

  2. Look at your boys, I just want to cuddle them, they're gorgeous!
    One of my friends did the same with their doors and they came out great.
    I missed Sarah Beeny as she clashed with the footie. I saw her at Grand Designs a few years ago and she's stunning in real life, so tiny. xxx

    1. Damn. I thought I had invented that. Ah well, good to know they came out great!
      The Beeny is a Goddess. xxx

  3. As usual, I'm in a minority of one, since I am irritated by La Beeny. I dislike Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer too. I know - what's wrong with me? I'm good at spotting handsome husbands though - I only look and admire from a distance, don't worry!
    Your plans for the Cupboard of Doom sound great, good luck at Wickes!
    Fat Freddy is the most gorgeous boy ever, it's official. I want to bury my face in his furry tum, but his expression rather says "you can look but don't touch". (You'd probably say the same about your handsome husband!) xxxxx

  4. Wickes was great! I'm timbered up and ready to partay. Except us girls are home alone again this weekend and my daughter wants to make cup cakes. Again. xxxxx

  5. If anyone can make it fabulous it's you! Can't wait to see the result : )

  6. My dad used to work for Sarah Beeny's dad!! Sadly, I never got to meet her (and then convince her to be my bff, and then pay to give my house a makeover... which totally could've happened.) I have no doubt your door DIY is going to be much better than bespoke. Because it's going to be YOUR bespoke (and not covered in princesses :) ) xxx

    1. Yeah, here's the thing; I explained my vision to my daughter, how it would be all cottagey and shabby chic and she said, ''Great, then we can put all the posters on it!''
      This was not part of my vision!
      Such a shame you missed out on meeting Sarah Beeny. :(
      My cousin is friends with Phil Spencer. Small world eh?

  7. We have a similar cupboard so will watch you for tips! Love Sarah Benny she is so normal, missed that one and will hunt it out as I am always looking for tips to squeeze us all in our house! Thank you for the heads up and good luck with the cupboard x

    1. Thank you Grace. Better not stuff it up then! x

  8. Cant wait to see what you do with the cupboard, it will be fab no doubt!
    I had to smile to myself at the last couple of fat puss photos! So, its not just us then that get a good telling off when we take marmalade to the vets....Tony says they make him feel like a naughty schoolboy!

    1. It's shocking, I have it on good authority that our vet, who tells everyone off about chubby cats, has the fattest cat of all! x

  9. I love Fat Freddy - those big paws are wonderful. I have a burnt orange feral male who was at 22 lbs. Now he is down to 18+, so vet is not lecturing me anymore. (I just hope he does not have an underlying undetected health problem; but he was declared healthy last month when his teeth were cleaned. Best of luck with the door. Can't wait to see the outcome! I know it will be wonderful. Mary

    1. Fat cats seem to be quite common! Thanks Mary! x

  10. Great write-up, Bedroom furniture is a huge
    passion of mine!


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