Friday, 4 October 2013

Fond farewells...

Our visitors have gone and I've been slowly wading through the mountain of washing and ironing that four extra sleepers in the house create. I'm one of those people who irons sheets so it takes a while. Luckily the weather has been kind and great for drying.

We had a lovely time with them. They went into London every day to do the touristy things. They've done more than I have which is shameful as we're only half an hour away and I spent many years there. The kids (10 and 7) had never seen a hedgehog before as they don't have them in Australia so she was a source of endless fascination.

Did you know that hedgehogs self annoint? No neither did I. When they eat something particularly exciting like a slug or smell a new smell, they puke all over their spines, contorting their bodies as they do so. It's bad enough watching her rip apart and devour a slug without her vomitting it up all over herself. I mean, I have to pick her up! The kids were groaning, ''that's so GROSS!'' quickly followed by, ''giver her another one!''

(Sorry if you're eating right now...)

Twilight (Gah! That name!) is off to the Hedgehog  Hospital this weekend to be placed in a pen outdoors as part of a slow release program. She is so fat, she can now be released for hibernation. We thought she might be too small in the begining. I'm sure they will find her somewhere safe and happy to live with plenty of slugs.
Anyway, here's my latest before and after...


Very hard to photograph!
She bloody bit me!
She's not even sorry...

I've also been busy clearing out the loft for a big eBay cull. So the nice tidy house is no more.

I've not been very creative this week. I'm not sure what my next assault on the house will be. So much to choose from. Headboard, kitchen, armoire, blanket box, wardrobe x2, tv stand, the list goes on.

Seeing as I've nothing remotely clever to show you, I will show you some recent chazzing finds... and unusually they're mostly clothes. Driving has given my wardrobe a new lease of life. I'm no longer governed by comfortable shoes and waterproofs! I always said that if I had a car I would waft about all day in cream cashmere. Well, that's not quite a reality but I was asked where I was going by one of the school mums! Which is a first. I hope Curtise and Vix are proud of me.

I got this folky Monsoon dress from the YMCA. It's like new!

I did try to do an outfit shot but I think you need a tripod or a willing partner and mine was away.

This velvet coat I actually got in the summer at a boot sale but I've been living in it...

It's a bit big but I don't mind. I got the little corsage from the vintage kitchenalia lady at the boot sale. 

And this scarf! Love at first sight! I'm looking forward to a chilly morning so I can wear it!

I can't knit or crochet but I love the finished articles!

I found this little tin at the boot sale...

Not sure if the 'poudre' is make up or something to do with paint but either way, I'm happy.

Oh yes, I did do one creative thing. I balanced a ginormous wooden spoon on top of the painted window in the dining room.

Giant spoon, 50p at a bootsale in York in the summer.

My husband asked why we needed to balance a spoon on a window.
blackbirdhasspokenI pretended not to hear him.

I'll try to get my arse in gear again soon.


  1. I had no idea hedgehogs did that, revolting, no wonder our cat wont go near them. I might not now either! I love ALL of your charity shop finds. But that spoon, isn't she a beauty!

    1. Isn't the spoon cool? I had to buy it as it's so huge. The baking themed dining room was just crying out for a big spoon! x

  2. Love your new chazza scores and great to see you modelling at long last. I'd like to get my hands on that corsage, it's gorgeous. I expect you will miss Twilight, you did a great job with him.

    1. I expect there will be tears later on! And not just my daughter...x

  3. I can't believe how much little Twilight has grown! I must admit that my heart skipped a beat at your blog title, I thought she's gone to meet her maker!
    Love that Monsoon dress on you and the scarf and coat are fabulous - can't believe you've been wearing a coat though, it's really warm here! x

    1. I was congratulated by the hedgehog hospital staff over her weight gain and I'm on the volunteer list to foster new babies next summer. The ones that need feeding every two hours! I must be mad! I really enjoyed caring for her though.

  4. Ahh, goodbye Mrs T, we'll miss you. What a great job you did of fattening her up, the spiky, bitey little pudding. Fancy biting the hand that fed her... but then I have a cat that isn't ashamed to do that either.
    Love the dress, isn't the bodice pretty? And it's always noce to see your good self on your blog, Emma Kate - you're a supermodel!
    I would have thought the tin was for face powder, but it's only a guess. Lovely tin, and a giant spoon - perfect boot sale finds! xxxx

    1. Thankless creatures eh? I understood why she bit me. She didn't want her picture taken and I can identify with that.

  5. Love the dress and coat! I think poudre is powder and surfine something like superfine, so I think the tin was for face powder.

    1. Thanks Attila, I think you're right. And it's too pretty for a paint pot!

  6. Can't believe she bit you! How ungrateful. Good work on fattening her up (especially if half her dinners ended up as vomit hair gel. EURGH.)
    That dress looks great on you and I LOVE that scarf! xx

  7. I'm jealous. I would like you to wrap that dress - and coat - and corsage up right now and send them to me as I believe that I must be the rightful owner. There. I'll be waiting for the postman any day soon. Hmmmm....But seriously - a vomiting hedgehog???? I'm sure Mrs Tiggywinkle never got up to any of that sort of mischief - are you sure it wasn't just a dodgy slug? Have a lovely 'rest of weekend' x Jane

  8. Thanks Jane! That's one thing I won't miss about her. Apart from that I feel quite sad. Perhaps we need a new pet or a baby... x

  9. Pretending not to hear is a very good course of action I find, especially for men who know nothing about carefully balancing things on other things to make them look pwetty.

    Thanks for the hedgehog lesson. Self annointing is not a term I was familiar with so thanks for putting me right - here was me thinking it sounded biblical. Or at least regal. But no, it's basically puking over yourself. Nice.

    Anyway, love your garbs!

  10. I love the coat and the dress and that BAKERY WINDOW! And boys don't need answers to our decorating ideas!

  11. That little tin is so beautiful. Lovely find x

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