Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Dream kitchens...

I'm very much hoping to start my own business this year and although I don't want to go into it too much at this stage, rest assured you people will be the first to know when I get it up and running.

No, it's not Brush-on-a-Stick or The Checked Curtain Company.

It's a kitchen related product. What I would LOVE from you wonderful readers is a bit of market research. I may do the same with my facebook friends but after the dresser comments I realise what you like and what my facebook friends like, are poles apart. (You guys having the BEST taste obviously!)

Not my kitchen

What I need to know is:
  1. What colour are your kitchen units?
  2. What colour is your worktop?
  3.  Do you have an accent colour in there? Tiles, curtains etc
  4. What is the predominant colour of your DREAM kitchen?
  5. Kitchens: should they be neutral or coloured?
If you could leave answers below in the comment section I will love you forever.
( Eg; 1. White. 2. Black. 3. Red. 4. Cream. 5. Neutral.)

My very own kitchen is; 1. skanky beige. 2. skanky beige fake wood. 3. that would be beige again. 4. anything but beige. Cream? 5. Neutral.

Not my kitchen (sigh)

See how easy it is? Once I'm a successful business woman with a multi million pound empire I promise to do a giveaway of one of my extremely valuable and most desirable products. Pinky promise. And whosoever speaks below is automatically entered. But we're still in the design stages so give me a month or so...

Thank you! x


  1. My kitchen was put in by the previous owners and not what I would choose but it's too good to rip out just yet.
    1. wood
    2 black (would never have this again - shows all dust!
    3.Not really, red accessories
    4. off white/cream
    5 Neutral.

    Hope that's helpful, good luck with the inception of your business.

  2. Exciting news, Emma Kate, looking forward to hearing more. Anyway, in answer to your questions: 1. cream. 2. black. 3. black tiles. 4. pale green. 5. not fussed. xx

  3. We are hoping to change our dull, badly organised kitchen but until we have the funds available it will stay as it is :(
    1. Pale wood
    2. Grey
    3. Red & Cream
    4. Cream
    5. Neutral ( strong colour as accent)
    Hope that helps!

    1. Thank you Philippa! You're a 'no reply blogger' so you need to change that.

  4. 1. No units - individual pieces of furniture, mostly painted white.
    2. No worktop, I use the kitchen table - it's pitch pine.
    3. Antique black and white floor tiles. Don't know whether that's an accent, they came with the house.
    4. I don't think I've ever dreamt about kitchens
    5. Whatever suits the individual.

    Exciting news, can't wait to find out more.

  5. Brown wood effect. Multi coloured-beige,black,white and brown worktops.brown tiles.Green blinds.Dream would be cream! Neutral so I could prettify it!

  6. I'm hate my kitchen, I'm planning on giving it a bit of a revamp in the summer.

    1. Crappy beech coloured
    2. Black
    3. Walls are a foul apple green (does that count? It's random and doesn't match, like it when I moved in)
    4. Don't know. I loved my previous kitchen which was white with grey.
    5. Neutral but with splashes or colour. That's like my whole house though.

    Hope this helps and most importantly, good luck.

  7. 1. Creamy yellow
    2. Beech
    3. Lots of different colours as accents but a large red clock (does that count)
    4. Probably an off white
    5. A can of worms. If you can afford to change your kitchen often then coloured could work but far cheaper and realistic to keep things neutral and change accessories.
    That was fun!

  8. How exciting! Please bear in mind that I hate my kitchen and have plans to give it a serious makeover (i.e. don't judge me for the answers below, please :p)
    1. Horrible orangey pine.
    2. A sort of speckled beige.
    3. The accent colour used to be hideous mustard yellow wallpaper, floral mural strip thing, and roller blind. I've stripped all that and done it bright white. The tiles are beige with a few little orange flowery ones dotted about. YUCK.
    4. It varies, but right now I'm going to say a mid-grey. A warm one. With touches of sunshine yellow.
    5. You're not going to believe this, but I'm voting for neutral(!) Partly because I think kitchens tend to hang around longer than other rooms' decor (and be way more expensive) so it needs to be something you're happy to live with for YEARS.

  9. 1 White
    2 White
    3 Chocolate brown and orange
    4 White
    5 Neutral so that the other bits can be changed easily to give it a completely different look

    Good luck with the business plans!

  10. 1. Skanky brown wood
    2. Grotty beige
    4.White ,white , white
    5. Neutral

    I HATED selling my house with a white kitchen and granite bench top last year and knew I would have to wait to white blitz this one , BUT we are morgage free and there is the view
    The previous house had brown cupboards which we had professionally sprayed and new bench tops ....it was a revelation....we never got sick of admiring it...I remember posting pics on my blog in 2012 and it was the most hits I had ever received!!!!!!

  11. What colour are your kitchen units? Thrashed medium oak circa 1985
    What colour is your worktop? beige and brown textured specked
    Do you have an accent colour in there? Tiles, curtains etc No - I used to have a lot of blue and yellow, but it's been overrun with beige brown terracotta antique pots, and then racks of china, and heaps of old tins, scales etc, and a dozen plants. My table cloth is light blue gingham.
    What is the predominant colour of your DREAM kitchen? Wood and white/cream to not clash with all my clutter.
    Kitchens: should they be neutral or coloured? For me neutral but some of the kitchen I love are shabby turquoise chunky wood in huge Victorian kitchens. Would look wrong in my modern size room. My floor is shiny brown tiles laid like bricks - it was going to be the first thing we changed when we moved in 17 years ago lol !!

  12. ps there are some pics of my kitchen on one of my pinterest boards along with other crap http://www.pinterest.com/chalkysoil/inside-my-house-dust-n-all/

  13. Ooh, you have A Grand Plan, that's exciting!
    I don't like my kitchen much, but then I don't like cooking much either so it certainly isn't the Heart of this Home, and the only dreams I have about it is having someone else in there to do the cooking for me...
    1) Pale beech-effect laminate
    2) Dark grey
    3) Blue
    4) No idea... Green?
    5) Proper wood units with a colour involved (tiles, walls, etc), so both.
    Keep us posted! xxx

  14. I still love my kitchen even though it is 17 years old.

    1. hand painted yellow with bits of green and oak showing.
    2. Quarry tiles (perhaps a bit unhygienic but oh so practical)
    3 Wall tiles are white, blinds wood, walls terracotta (north facing so needs warm colours)
    4. If I painted it now probably a cream
    5. depends on the style of house

  15. 1. Cream painted wooden unfitted units
    2. Wooden worktops
    3. Terracotta tiles / one wooden panelled wall painted pinky terracotta (other walls are cream) / Annie Sloan Versailles green skirtings
    4. Probably cream or wood
    5. Neutral so that I can accessorise with all my vintage 'junk'!

    There is a partial view of my kitchen here http://vintage-jane.blogspot.com/2013/12/happy-christmas.html ... there are kitchen units on the other side of the room that you cannot see!

    Good luck with your venture!
    M xx

  16. Pop over to my page to see my kitchen i posted it a couple of weeks ago you know me bright colours and 1950's inspired :-) dee x

  17. Good luck with your future project. I repainted my orange coloured pine kitchen with cream paint when I moved in years ago and painted the walls a bright green I have recently replaced the doors with new cream ones and toned the walls down with duck egg blue.
    2.Tan brown with little flecks of colour in
    3.tiles are different tones of stone but accessories are duck egg blue
    4.Colourful but my house is 1900's and not very big so would not go with the look of the house
    4. As above depends on the look of the house the bright kitchen id like goes with a modern large house (ie not the house I have!)

  18. We just put a new kitchen in and I absolutely love it!
    1. Off white painted units with grey painted island
    2.grey white veined granite worktop
    3.Accent colour dark grey, with white walls
    4.This is it - grey and white
    5. Neutral with some part that can be changed - eg island colour to ring the changes.
    Good Luck!!

  19. I had a brand new kitchen and extension two years sgo. I love it! The kitchen has changed our home lives no end!
    1. Ivory
    2. Wood
    3.pale aqua
    4. Ivory
    5. Neutral (coming from a person whose house is crazy everywhere except the kitchen, which is my peaceful haven yet also the place where it all happens).

  20. That is super exciting news, wishing you lots of luck x
    1. White
    2. Black Marble
    3. Sage Green
    4. Autumnal
    5. Neutral

  21. Just put in the kitchen of my dreams 2 years ago. Go with your heart, you won't regret it.
    1. Wood - distressed and glazed
    2. Marble and butcher block
    3. Creams and whites
    4. Creams and whites
    5. Neutral

    Having said that, we have a vintage beach cottage with red painted cabinets and cherry cluster wallpaper. And we love it!

  22. Okay....
    1 . Wood (oak)
    2. Black granite
    3. Green walls with oak wood venetian blinds (beige roman blinds in conservatory with green fern pattern).
    4. Green (as you could have probably guessed....)
    5. Neutral

    Hope this helps:)

  23. Just moved in so not to my taste
    1) fake beech effect
    2) black (fake granite)
    3) shades of beige
    4) whites and blues
    5) neutral with accents of colour

  24. Emma, i love the your passion towards interior designing. I guess ivory colored kitchen units with any of quartz worktops designs will go well with the existing kitchen.

  25. 1. white with black cast iron knobs. 2.black, fake granite. 3. depression green (only a small amount of wall spaces as banks of white cabinatry 4. White. 5. Neutral. Good luck with your new venture xxx


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