Sunday, 9 February 2014

Moving on...

Goodness me, if I had known that my last post was going to reach several thousand people, many of whom hijacked my blog as a way of venting their spleen, and even reached one of the people I wrote about, I might have taken more time with my words and not just jabbered away and pressed 'publish.'

I'm pleased to see that the nation feels so passionately about interiors.
But REALLY. Was that post more important than the ones it has surpassed in terms of popularity in which I showed off the cupboard doors I had spent WEEKS on? No.
Was it greater than learning how to paint on glass? Certainly not.
More riveting than an experimental wood bleaching process that took a REALLY long time? I think not.
So let's draw a line under it now.

Moving on...
I found a bag of patchwork pieces in a charity shop and a small piece of completed patchwork. I snapped it up as I love that kind of thing. Only when I got it home did I realise quite how special this was...

The fabrics are all so very vintage!

What do you think? 1940's?


They're all so fresh and bright from having been kept in a bag for sixty or seventy years.

It would be criminal not to keep this quilt going and use up those hexagons.

 I started a quilt of my own quite some time ago. I cut out lots of squares in delicious sludgey tones. Then I realised my squares were too small so they sit languishing in the loft. Perhaps in seventy years, someone will find them and get very excited over them.

Welcome back to all the bloggers in my sidebar. I took you all  off and missed too many posts.  No more layout tinkering.


  1. Wow! These are beautiful! What am absolute find!!!! I wonder what the story behind them is? There are so many different fabrics there, how many different garments I wonder? I think it's brill that you've rescued them, you're guaranteed to do them justice.

    Kate xx
    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

  2. Well now hold on a second - I'm going to have to go back a post here and have a little checky out - not sure how I missed it but it sounds quite exciting! THAT PATCHWORK IS ADORABBBLLLEEE! Certainly looks like it's mid 20th century to me - what a find. You made me laugh though with the pieces you have left in your loft - I do sometimes wonder if some of the old tat I have at the moment will delight those in generations to come. Probably not but it gives me an excuse to keep buying it! Get stitching those hexies x Jane

    1. I just did exactly the same! Wow! There really were some intense feelings!
      Love the find, I ding know how you do it! :)
      Ps the stairs were my favourite post :)

  3. That is beautiful! Off to read all the ranty comments on your other blog- intrigued to see how hot under the collar people got about makeovers! xxx

  4. Wow, amazing find there. I'd love to know who started it and why they didnt finish? I'm sure you will make something wonderful with them.I wonder if some of the hexagons were old items of clothes recycled?

  5. REALLY .....really jealous Em......I think it's 40's to 50's as there is a hint of 50's space age pieces
    LOVE IT!!!!! xxxx

  6. that's lovely, I like patchwork that isn't too much to a design. Looks 1950's to me, though I guess my gran was wearing old pinnies from the 40's too.

  7. I say! You DID provoke a heated response in your last post. It's only a programme for gods sake and if it's anything like X Factor the 'losers' always do better afterwards than the winners. I'm sure the TV exposure will bring them all new opportunities. Your patchwork is an interesting find, I would say it was more 50's/60's, I see second generation printing which was of that era I think. Ms Black Chat is your woman I'd say. Let us see the finished article won't you, you may be pleased to hear Great British Sewing Bee is back soon. x

  8. My goodness, people have strong opinions in the world of TV interior design competitions, it's like the Strictly forums! And so many of them called Anonymous too... Funny! Are you going to apply if there's another series? Go on go on go on!
    I reckon those fabrics look 1950s, very nice find, so get your patchworking head on, EK! Or is that passe now we're "coming out of recession"? (Not something I'd noticed...) xxx

  9. I don't think I want to be an interior designer when I grow up so there's no point really. I'd do bits for friends for fun but not really other than that. I'm too slow. What was the final show? Four rooms in four days? I could do four rooms in four years. But the constant coming and going of furniture doesn't help! xxx

  10. Oh they ate lovely. I love patchwork, but i dont think i've ever seem a patchwork thing i've ever 100 per cent liked. I'd just keep the pieces looking pretty in a basket i think :-)

  11. What a gorgeous find, you know I'm a total patchwork whore so I'd have pounced on that, too!
    PS I do have wrist warmers, they're somewhere in the depths of Gilbert. I should make some more! x

  12. Wow what a find! This makes such a lovely backdrop for photos too! #MagpieMonday

  13. Whoop I'm back in your sidebar - how lovely!

    Those patchwork pieces are amazing, I'm guessing at 50s. I bought a bag of unfinished patchwork (still unfinished!) but mine were very brown 70s. Yours are so gorgeous. I wonder what the story behind them is? x

  14. Wow, I had to go one post back and read it all - intriguing!

    What a great find for you. I wish I had the craftiness to whip up a cushion with patches like these. I have no idea as to their era but I am looking forward to seeing the finished quilt! Xo

  15. visiting you from the Op Shop show off. What an awesome find


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