Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Secondhand Scores...

I've been up to my eyeballs in curtain shortening, door painting and valance planning. Yes that is a thing. My daughters room is coming together even if it is very white so far. We need some colour injected in to the space or she'll leave home. And she's only seven so we don't want that.

I've also had to paint over the mess I made whilst staining the floor. Wood dye is very spattery...

I'm still making time for car boot sales and the flea market although my chazzing has fallen by the wayside. Time for a roundup of my most recent second hand shopping goodies!

First up, this gorgeous rusty old paper sorter desk tidy thing I found at the flea market. Heaven knows I need a tidy desk!

I like the little card holders...

Next this lovely table I got at the flea market for a bargainous £20. It was FILTHY like it had lived in someones garden. It was home to lots of spiders and even a snail! I scrubbed it down on the patio.

I like the original painted legs so I'm not going to tamper with them.

 But that top? It's crying out for wood bleach if you ask me.

Er, and some woodworm treatment. Then it can live happily behind the sofa.

[All these black corners are caused by the camera being dropped and now the shuttery covery thing won't open fully. Oops.]

 I found another of these vintage religious prints.

I still haven't thought of a place to display them but I have a few now. Perhaps we could have a downstairs loo/monastery. I do like rooms with more than one function.

I got this cool vintage chair with an industrial vibe and some godawful upholstery.

It looks wonky. I think that's just my dreadful photography.

I plan to strip off the metallic blue and get back to unpainted metal and recover the seat.

Do you remember this seat?

Well, I had a disaster with it. Once I took it all apart and re puffed up the collapsed cushion, the tapestry top no longer fit on it. I tried to stretch it and it tore a bit. Hopefully I can turn it into a cushion at some point and find some other fabric for the top of the stool. Some you win...

But the chair will go by my desk instead.

Last of all, I've been hoping to find a full length mirror for my daughters room and I got one at the car boot sale this weekend.

Sorry, another truly dreadful photo. You can't even see it.

  But it has bevelled glass and looks very Laura Ashley to me. It was £5. Woop woop!

Later today the skirting boards arrive and hopefully I can show you progress on the room soon. Speaking of skirting boards, now we're going to have deep glamorous skirting, I'm very much looking forward to using this...

It's a self adhesive Pretend mousehole to fit on a skirting board which I'm sure you'll agree is just the best thing EVER. I just love anything with 'pretend' in the title.

Legend has it that they're painted by an artist called Helene and she painted the first one lying on her belly for eight hours. Printed stickers are somewhat easier to use. There are several designs, something for everyone and they're only £2.99. You can see them all HERE.

Right then, skirting boards...



  1. You always find such great treasures!! I love the pretend mousehole - think I may have to get one for the kids bedroom! :)

    1. Me too! That's why I wanted to share them. They do a DIY one I might have to get for MY bedroom! x

  2. I love your post....your vintage finds...oh, the table! And the mouse hole is adorable! Visiting from Knick of Time Tuesday

  3. Love the chair, I don't even mind the upholstery! And the mirror for C's room is a nice find. And a pretend mouse hole? How fabulous is that? Will BB and FF be fooled? I doubt it, they'll be spark out on your bed together as usual, the beautiful boys! xxx

  4. Love that table, the mirror and that Jesus print! gorgeous finds! xxx

  5. You got some fantastic finds there Emma Kate. I had a bit of a giggle about the mouse hole though!

  6. Crikey, you've got some fabulous secondhand stuff there...I love the chair. A pretend mousehole..whatever next? I like the cheeky one best.

  7. How cute it the pretend mousehole? And that table, georgous and soon to be even more so!

  8. I want to write a post tagged with #pretendmousehole :p That mirror is lovely, as is the table- both were absolute bargains too; well done you! xxx

  9. What cool finds! More rust - love!

    That religious picture is brilliant - are you sure it's religious? Sounds like one of my cusses!

  10. Oh i do like that paper sorter very useful indeed

  11. Hello, don't think we have spoken before, I'm returning to liz's fab magpiemonday after some time away. Absolutely LOVE your finds particularly the table and the metal chair. Would love to see it when you have done it up!

  12. What a lot of lovely finds! And I love the idea of a loo/monastery - made me laugh! :)

  13. That paper sorter is sooo beautiful! Would love something like that for all my paper-mess.


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