Saturday, 31 May 2014

Do it yourself woman!

We've had a full on week. A weekend in Aylesbury for a family party and then four days at my dads in York. Half term holidays can be a bit frantic.

The kitchen hasn't progressed much and I have a small problem to overcome. Two of the doors hit each other when they open. My lovely doors  are purely decorative at the moment. Such a drag, I need to sand one a bit smaller and hope that works. It's very boring when things go wrong.

I'm just going to write a quick post about Unibonds current advertising campaign. Whilst in York, I saw a full page ad in a magazine for the Unibond Go range of products. It's the first DIY ad I've seen aimed at women. It's about time! 

According to sources, women are now doing 60% of  home improvements. They aren't prepared to wait for their husbands to get around to it and don't want to pay for a tradesman. Half of those women who do DIY reckon they're better at it than their blokes.
Single women now own one in five UK households. Do it yourself is no longer just a mans domain.

The Go products are three small tubes of instant grab glue, bathroom sealant and filler.

No idea what they're like, I've never used them. This is NOT a sponsored post. Clearly.

On their website they have a series of instructional videos featuring a woman and her simpleton husband. The husband can be seen in absolute awe of his partners glue squirting technique.
She manages to seal behind the sink in the time it takes him to fetch his tools and slip into his DIY dungarees. And she even lets him have a go with the filler after he carelessly makes a hole in the wall.

I just can't see their relationship lasting.

I am so pleased that they're aiming themselves at a female market. I think that up until now, we've only seen women with paintbrushes in their hands.
Anything that gives women the confidence to have a go at DIY is awesome in my book.

Unibond, you rock.

Back soon with some cool secondhand finds and 1/4 of a completed kitchen! Woo hoo!


  1. If I wait for my DH to do anything I wait forever (As the state of the house id testament to). I need to get myself motivated to DIY - I'm ok with small things like furniture updates but our kitchen and bathroom are desperate and TBH I don't know where to start and DH just won't get started!

    Linda xx

    1. I'm so blessed to have a practical and patient dad who did things with me in my last house, giving me the confidence to do it on my own this time around. Perhaps DH would be glad to discuss it with you and show you the ropes. In no time at all you could be getting things done. He'd probably be grateful too!

      The DIY stores should offer classes! Simple tiling, basic carpentry, they'd more than pay for themselves as people would have to buy the products.

  2. We are an equal opportunity household, neither me nor my partner have any interest or skills in DIY! Hence we live in a shambles of a house, and ignore it. Works for us! I admire your abilities and ideas very much, Emma Kate, I wouldn't have a clue.
    I was in York yesterday, it was packed! xxx

  3. Hehe. You focus your energies on looking great! Something I fail at.
    York is always packed! Especially when the sun shines.

  4. I've perfected a technique of just getting on with stuff myself, then T comes to help when I inevitably get stuck/impatient/have a massive tantrum because "the effing screw isn't going into the effing rawlplug". If I just waited for him to do it when I asked him to, it would take months. This way, he does it immediately, because he knows the other option is I try to finish drilling/hammering the wall in anger, which would end up getting rather messy. xxx

  5. I'm quite good at decorating and I painted an entire set of replacement kitchen doors once, rather well I thought. Drilling though is a man's job mainly cos I haven't got a drill, so I just ring my dad.

    1. Do you know what? If my dad wasn't 200 miles away, I might do the same! Needs must.

  6. Some fantastic ideas. I detest my kitchen doors so will now look into painting them.

    Thanks for tips

  7. I was a dab hand with a drill, spirit level and all manner of stuff when I lived alone but Jon loves messing around with power tools so I leave it all to him these days. xxx

  8. My hubby hates DIY but equally hates me having a stab. Can't say I blame him, I admit it's not my strength, I tried to put a picture up with blu tack once...! All power to you though Emma Kate, am in awe! x


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