Friday, 16 May 2014

Secondhand Scores...

The kitchen is coming along slooowly. Five doors are done out of 22. I spent a day and a half looking at every handle in the country and ended up ordering 6 different ones because it's the only way you can see if the handle colour works with the paint colour.

I'm not showing you the doors until they are back on the units with the handles in place. I'm praying that will happen soon.

So I'll share my latest secondhand scores instead.

I'm told this is St Theresa. She was £2 from the car boot sale.

She's had a little wear and tear over the years. I think it adds to her charm. I have three of these now...

St Anthonys nose has turned green and Jesus' head has come off at some point but I love them.

            Someone else who has seen better days is this funny little papier mache and glass glitter Santa. 

I cannot resist vintage Christmas tat.

Nor could I resist this vintage plastic shop sign for 50p. It's up in the kitchen window naturally.

But best of all, found this very day, a whole washing line full of unused vintage barkcloth!

See my raised beds too? Just need some pebbles or something on the weed liner between them.  And a few more raised beds running down this side of the garden. The canes are to keep the cats off. They don't work...

But back to the fabric, isn't it lovely?

  What can I make? What would you use it for? There's over 5 metres altogether. I'm thrilled with it.

I'm car booting on Sat and Sun and the weather looks good so they should be big ones. Have a lovely weekend whatever you're up to.


  1. Can't beat a scuffed-up religious figure! St Theresa is rather beautiful, but Jesus has an oddly long face. (There's a joke in there somewhere, I'm sure...)
    Love that sign, and oh oh oh, the beautiful barkcloth! Nice find! Think of all the frocks I could make out of that...
    Good luck at the car boots! xxx

  2.! Maybe big lush cushions,cover hatboxes (I love my barkcloth covered hatbox) xxxx

  3. That sign is excellent. I'm drawing a complete blank on potential uses for the fabric, sorry- although it is beautiful! Good luck with the rest of the doors xxxx

  4. Love the religious figures, the more beaten up the better in my opinion! x

  5. St Theresa is giving me the heebie geebies I'm afraid!

    But your barkcloth on the other hand is to die for! I have quite a few pieces of 50s barkcloth, still yet to work out what to make with it. I'd actually quite like to make a dress, but would I have the balls to ACTUALLY wear a pair of curtains?

    Thanks for linking up x

    1. Pop over to Vintage Vixen to see her curtain couture! x

  6. glad to have found your blog....score on that fabulous barkcloth! Happy Day

  7. Love your finds! especially the ST. Theresa:)


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