Tuesday, 23 September 2014

It worked...

So where we we? Ah yes, the ongoing saga of the kitchen window. Would you like to see how it's turning out so far?

Rather cunningly styled, I think you'll agree, with some washing up sponges and a pile of freshly washed dishes. It just goes to illustrate how much enjoyment I can now get from washing up whilst gazing out of my pretend cottage window.

I'll remind you of the before...

The frame I made outside the recess was painted and looks a lot better, although it would show up more if I had a colour on the wall.

I made a window frame type thing with thin wooden moulding for the inside of the recess. I found this tutorial on youtube very helpful. I had it bookmarked as I planned to make new garage windows with it but it came in really handy for this project aswell. I didn't use one of those nail guns. They scare me. And my timber was much thinner than his.

 If you do want to try this at home kids, here's what you DON'T want to do. My first attempt that ended in failure prototype was constructed with mitred corners.

Don't even think about it.

The frame had no rigidity and a butt joint is a far better option (as per the video)

I printed out a photo of my window and drew all over it to make sure my spacing looked right.

Once the frame was built and painted I set to work on the curtain. I'll remind you of my inspiration...


I set about chopping up a holey vintage lace tablecloth, made a channel at the top and held it up with one of those extending springy poles.

I like the way the lace curtain hides the ugly opener.
Now in this picture the frame is just propped against the window so I still need to secure it somehow in a way that makes it easily removable for cleaning. I'm thinking velcro. And I still need to tile under the sink. I have a vast array of tiles to choose from as I'm always picking boxes up at the boot sale for a few quid in hopes that they might actually fit somewhere.

But so far, so good I think. I can't wait to finish the job and stage it all properly for a big reveal.

Back soon!
Yes, I have no shame...
I am shameless.

Elizabeth and Co.


  1. Total transformation, I love the lace at the top, so pretty! x

  2. Beeeutiful Em....and I bet you are cheaper to hire than the chippies we had in this week!

  3. It looks really great, I am always in awe of your skills and "let's do it!" approach, Emma Kate. Well done! xxx

  4. Looking good, Em! Well done. xxx

  5. I love it! You are very talented :)

  6. It's looking gorgeous :) Can't wait to see what tiles you choose! xxx

  7. Thanks Katie. Don't get too excited, they're white! xxx

  8. The window looks absolutely charming!!! Your idea to construct a grid was brilliant! I love how sweet the window is now - the lace & grid add the perfect cottage touch.

  9. Beautiful - love the curtain too. I like washing dishes by hand looking out my window. It's not as charming as yours, but when I replaced my 1959 house's aluminum frame windows with white vinyl ones, I had panes added to all that face the streets (I live on a corner of 2 streets) for a cottage effect.

  10. You did a really professional job of constructing the window muntin, Emma! I've got those cheap plastic muntins in our kitchen windows that need to be replaced. Maybe someday I'll give this a try! Your window is the perfect cottage window to gaze out while washing dishes!

  11. That looks SO good. What a fabulous idea and such a transformation! M x


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