Thursday, 2 October 2014

Getting there...

As promised, a proper stylised kitchen shoot. Not a washing up sponge in sight!

The 'faux' cottage window is velcroed in place and I've tiled under the new window sill.

These are handmade tiles with irregular edges. I'm really pleased with them.

Did you see my new love?

Vintage greengrocers scales found at the flea market for a squillionth of what they sell for on eBay.

Gotta have a crate...

I gave up on brick wallpaper. It was too gloomy. I donated it to my daughters school for artwork backdrops.

Despite the hanging of this...

...single drop of paper being THE. MOST. DIFFICULT. DIY manoevre I have ever undertaken. It took an hour and I sooo nearly wept. Once it was up I tried to love it. But I had to admit that I made a mistake.

Bye bye wallpaper. Hello tongue and groove.

I absolutely love it. It's bright and white and country looking. This entire wall cost £6.99. It's dead cheap and so much fun to do. Unlike wallpaper.

The vintage signage backsplash...

 We're still working on the shop. At least we can have photos now. Proper photos taken by my husband. Mine are awful. I tried so hard and I cannot get the horizon straight. 

See? I get seasick flicking through them. My husband is a photographer so I'm very lucky.

So what's next for this really slow epic kitchen makeover? Why that will be the pantry door...

Elf sized. I want to make one of these...

I've already taken it outside and ripped the front off...

But I wasn't expecting to find that it was constructed from haystacks!

Instead of timber batons the door contains straw batons.

Rather odd and flammable I would have thought for a kitchen!

Oh and there's still the other end of the kitchen to tackle, the lighting and that floor!

Don't worry. I'll pace myself.

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  1. It looks brilliant. Well done! Love that you've got some Black Country scales taking pride of place in the kitchen. You can think of me every time you weigh something! x

    1. Thanks Vix, are they black country? Off to inspect them more closely...

  2. The makeover is looking fab. I'm glad you ditched the brick wallpaper, having lived with it in the 60's I'm over it. For one thing I used to count the bricks and the pattern repeat. T & G is much softer. The straw door is weird. Never seen anything like that before.

    1. Thanks Teri. I really did try to make it work. I wonder why? Tongue and groove makes much more sense.
      The door is dead wierd. When the cats broke into the pantry at night, I was always confused as to why there were bits of straw on the floor in the morning. Their little paws must have been pulling it out as they tried to get the door open!

  3. Love those scales, the tongue and groove, the splashback, and the finished window looks really great. It's going to be brilliant when it's all done, elf door and all! xxx

    1. WOW! the renovated parts of your kitchen look so nice...that pantry door is fascinating-not in a good way...

  4. Love those scales and the kitchen looks great, your attention to detail never fails to impress me.

  5. I love those scales - they are so vintage and match your style perfectly.

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE your work Em, it all looks fabulous....I'm off to show hubs your pics xxxx

  7. It's looking brilliant - the tongue and groove was an inspired choice and I spotted those scales instantly! They're absolutely gorgeous AND practical- what's not to love?! xxx

  8. Those scales are gorgeous - a great find! The tongue and groove works really well too, I think you made the right choice. We took down a wall on my landing a few years ago, it was lathe and plaster which was messy enough but it had also been stuffed with straw like your door - very bizarre, I guess it might have been some kind of sound proofing method?

  9. Your cottage window looks wonderful! And your tile and beadboard backsplash finish it off nicely. I'd love a vintage scale like you've found. What a treasure! Your pantry door looks like a bit of a challenge, but I know you're up to it! At least you didn't find any mice inside the door. :)



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