Sunday, 7 December 2014

A week of very nice things...

You'll never guess who popped over to comment on my last post. Martin Holland himself! Winner of BBC2s Great Interior Design Challenge. Woop woop! Made my day. Thank you Martin!

But the good stuff doesn't end there, no siree. I had a lovely parcel arrive from the delectable Curtise  which made me gasp!

First, this beautiful Christmassy vintage biscuit tin...

Just gorgeous, but look what I found inside...

A lovely old box of vintage glass baubles! Thank you Curtise! I love them!

And as if that weren't enough, I won Katies giveaway over at Hook Line and Sink Her. But this was no ordinary giveaway, oh no. This prize is a book called 'Craft Fail: when homemade goes horribly wrong...'

Yes, we've all been there...

Featuring the craft fail of Katie herself...Special Fox. I'm so proud to 'know' her and I forced her to sign it for me. If you're not familiar with Katies blog, do pop over. She cracks me up.

Thank you Katie!

Yet another wonderful thing; look what I found at the flea market for just £12...

The missing piece to Connies bedroom set! I'll let the brown one go. This needs some tlc.

It feels like it's stuffed with straw. The top is stained and Connie's appalled by the look of it. That can be changed.

I also found this little beauty for my desk...

Rusty and crusty and utterly perfect.

And Fat Freddy (not so fat anymore) is back to his old self. His wire is out, his jaw is healed and he's accepting the fact that he's not allowed out extremely well.

We think he's too stupid to be crossing roads. He's a very lucky boy but we can't risk him getting squashed.
Bad Bobby (the clever one) goes out but Freddy isn't even asking to anymore. He seems to know we couldn't bear to lose him. He knows he blew it. He's adjusting to life as a house cat very well. The cold weather helps!

So it's all good over here.

Still no progress on the Christmas decs but the pre decking the halls clean up is plodding on. We'll get there. And work has stalled on the louvre doors as my ebay selling has gone into overdrive. It's next on the agenda after Project Christmas Tree.

I hope life is good where you are.


  1. O.M.G I think I feel a little queasy with jealousy about your 2 flea market finds...I love them...luck you and I am so glad Freddy is getter better xxxx

  2. That biscuit tin is gorgeous - the picture is so beautiful.

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

  3. Freddie is looking gorgeous, so pleased that he's getting better.
    The tin and the baubles are right up your street, spot on is our Curtise! The stool and desk are fab finds, can't wait to see them after you've worked your magic. xxx

  4. Friend to the stars, that's you!
    I'm pleased the tin and baubles made you happy, I'm very glad to see that Not So Fat Freddy is recovering well (gorgeous boy), and those flea market treasures are right up your street. Looking forward to seeing the makeover on the stool to make it Constance-ready! xxx

  5. Wow, I just popped back to check out Martins comment - what a nice man - you must have been thrilled to find that waiting for you!

    Love your finds again - Connies room is going to be even more beautiful when that stool is done.

    The tin and baubles are a wonderful gift and that book looks like lots of fun!

    So glad that Freddie is on the mend - fortunately my cat who is too silly to be allowed to cross roads rarely goes out and when she does she just sits perched in the Jasmine on top of the archway in the garden so I don't need to worry about her. xx

  6. Looks like your having al your Christmases early! But best of all Freddy is looking good as new x Jane

  7. Lovely to see Freddie is getting better. My cat does a lot of patrolling from the windowsills; Freddie can enjoy lots from there; we even have folded blankets on our boy's sills!

  8. Freddie is looking fine and one good thing about him being housebound is the absence of muddy pawprints over your pristine white surfaces I shouldn't wonder...I'm having a constant battle trying to keep the house clean. Curtise's vintage baubles are rather lovely aren't they and what fine condition for their age, arf arf. Fab flea market finds, looking forward to the stool reveal.

  9. It's all good on your end, and I'm especially glad to read that you haven't got your house decorated either! I've got some time off from work and I hope to deck our halls over the next 2 days, but I keep getting sidetracked by my kitchen project that I never should have started.

    I love your vintage tin and the ornaments inside! Even better than the biscuits that were originally sold in the tin!

  10. I'm really glad you won, and can't wait to see what you've sent me!! How exciting to get a celebrity comment :)
    So glad to see Formally Fat Freddy looking so well too xxx

  11. Glad to hear that Freddie is on the mend. I am loving the tin and those decorations are just gorgeous bless Curtise :-) You must put those lovingly on your tree this year. Have a good week, dee x


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