Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Finishing off jobs and Merry Christmas...

Better late than never, here I am with jobs aplenty to share...


I turned an ordinary bread bin like this...

  into this...

for a special lady from Cleveland Ohio with a little help from ESP, The Graphics Fairy and a fine Sharpie pen.

If she hates it she can always use it the other way round...

The stocking that was brutally savaged by Gardania the hamster...

is now finished...

and is hanging by the fire in anticipation of the big day...

only a small hole from the tattered quilt remains...

It makes it all the more authentic.

Speaking of things being authentic, remember the crappy louvre doors?

that became these?

Well, they are finished too and are looking like this...

Hopefully a bit more like authentic 100 year old shutters from a French farmhouse...

Worth hundreds no doubt.

I'll just show you my Christmas crib...

with my 'new' camel that arrived today from ebay...

I'm thrilled with him and relieved I got the scale right! There are so many different sizes out there.

So all that remains is for me to wish you, in the words of our eloquent window cleaner, ''Merry Christmas and all that...''

Have a good one dear readers. I must away as I have some, (ahem) authentic 100 year old French farmhouse shutters to flog on the internet...

Elizabeth and Co.


  1. Blindin' bread bin makeover, Mrs Ochs will love it for les volets sont formidable.
    It's not just your window cleaner, I got 'Happy Christmas and all that old bollocks' at work but it's
    Yuletide Felicitations from me!

  2. I think Mrs.Ochs is going to be thrilled with her document box! And please be sure to remove the Christmas stocking before you light your fire. I think Christmas stockings, unlike cats, only have two lives. And your camel makes a very nice addition to your nativity set.

    Are you selling your century old French shutters? Make sure to put a hefty price tag on them as they are quite hard to find these days. Well done Emma!

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Fab makeovers! You always nail the authenticity. Hope you are having a great Crimbo xx

  4. Fantastic makeovers, as always :) I hope you're having a wonderful Christmas time xxx

  5. You've been busy! The bread bin and louvre door makeovers are fab, and hurray for the wonderful stocking save (naughty Gardania!)
    Hope you and the family are having a lovely Christmas. xxx

  6. Fab makeovers and a splendid stocking rescue, too!
    I do love a camel and was appalled to see their slaughtered heads on hooks outside butchers' shops in Tangier to show there was fresh meat available. Hopefully Jesus will keep yours safe! xxx


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