Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Kirsties Handmade Fair...

This post is rather later than I expected. Sorry.

Kirsties Handmade Fair...

We had a lovely day out. The sun shone and Hampton Court Palace is a wonderful place to visit.

The fair was just across the street from the palace.

 So many treasures...

A Ragged Life

Doily bunting. You know it makes sense.

 Stunning fabrics by the metre...

  Blankets begging to be touched.

I wasn't interested in paying retail prices for fabrics, but if you are, I must say I saw some truly exquisite textiles.

I like to look at other peoples ideas...

And spot celebs...

Terrible picture! We were on our knees peeping under a tent flap at the big top. There were plenty of craft demonstrations to choose from.

The most delicious food area. Something for everyone...

Even some vintage entertainment...

And a bit of pom pom making finished the day nicely...

I took my recycled tapestry bag... 

and two people told me they liked it so I was very chuffed. It was even better than being mobbed by women wanting to stroke it.

There's a HANDMADE CHRISTMAS FAIR in Manchester from Fri 20th til Sun 22nd Nov (this weekend!) if you fancy a day out. You'll probably find some lovely Christmas pressies there.

I also attended the FESTIWOOL this weekend which I loved. It was only £3 to get in and had THE. MOST. AMAZING crochet and knitting I've ever seen. I felt like a dunce as I wandered round as I can do neither.

I forgot my camera but I'll show you what came home with me...

A wool necklace from Wool Stories. I had to get one and I'm not normally a 'had to get one' kinda gal. (Unless we're talking secondhand furniture.)
I've never seen anything like it. Mine was the most muted. She makes them in really striking colour combinations.

We saw a fashion show with the octogenarian super model Daphne Selfe taking part...

I'll definitely be going back next year.

Last of all, our Hallowe'en Haunted House was a great success. We had a steady stream of punters and even queues at the door a couple of times. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. It couldn't have gone any better. I'm still finding eyeballs around the house.

 The next challenge will be how to create a different scenario next year using all the same props!

Reading your comments though, I must say I find it more shocking when people say that NOTHING spooky has ever happened to them than when they have a tale to tell! I thought everyone had SOMETHING!

Right, I must away. I'm not going to even say, 'Back soon,' as I'm terrible at finding time to sit down and write at the moment. So many blogs to catch up with too. So I'll just wish you all well until next time.


  1. Oh Em...I'm so jealous of you ....I would give anything to be there ! xx

  2. I just got home from my knitting group, so of course your gorgeous wool necklace intrigues me. It must have been a very time consuming item to make! The fair was held in such a beautiful setting and it looks like the weather couldn't have been more perfect. Maybe you'll be selling your recycled bags there among the other celebrities next year! I love the designs you chose to piece together!

    I knew your Halloween Haunted House would be a success!

  3. I would have loved to have been there! I love all things crafty and all things vintage and I loved the TV series Kirsty did. That necklace is something else (just don't get it wet!). xx

  4. Obviously I'm not up with the celebs enough cos I don't know who the one in the middle pic is! Please tell me...... Gutted that I hadn't even heard of Festiwool! Isn't it nice when something doesn't cost a fortune to get in!!! Will make a mental note of it for next year as it's a lot nearer than Woolfest up north. Those patchwork wool blankets are lovely.

  5. Lovely necklace! How fab to see an octogenarian model for a change...I've no idea who that 'celeb is though (under Annie Sloan) xx

  6. Your bag must have stolen the show although the necklace came a close second. Glad you bought it, it's gorgeous. x

  7. Bet you had a great time; your tapestry bag is as good as anything else on show, honestly! Can't be doing with Kirstie Allsopp, but I could stand a stroll around Hampton Court in the sunshine looking at pretty things.
    (PS. Honestly, not one spooky thing has ever happened to me! But then I look for rational explanations rather than other worldly ones, so it's not so surprising really.It's all in the interpretation!)

  8. Glad you had a good time at the show and that your Halloween open house went well :-) lovely wool necklace very unusual, dee x

  9. Any day out involving pompoms has to be a winner. So pleased to hear the haunted house was such a success and that necklace is ruddy gorgeous! Xx


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