Wednesday, 6 January 2016

December... a little late!

Hello old friends and Happy New Year to you. I'm sorry I fell off the face of the earth again. I've had lots of difficult family stuff going on which is draining and I've been not just a bad blogger, but a bad blogging buddy, having failed to keep up with other peoples blogs.

Poor KATIE has had to cope all on her own with the terrible news that her true love, Joe Manganiello has gorn orf and married another woman. And I wasn't there to give a sympathetic virtual shoulder to cry on. Bad friend. Forgive me Katie. The man's a fool. What on earth does he see in her eh?

December is always a busy time. It's a scientific fact that time speeds up in December. I've had a MASSIVE clear out and sold lots of things on eBay which has been very time consuming.

I took a few pictures of the decorations but they're pretty much the same every year...

The mantel clock is 'new' to me.

Ooh look, there's my new sofa, I'm almost showing you!

A bit of an improvement on the old...

Anyway, more vintage decs...

Bauble placement is NOT my own. I'm getting good at letting Connie do it without getting all OCD and frightening her about breakages! I was actually glad of the help as Christmas decorating is a huge task.

This is my favourite part...

...opening the boxes to see the treasures I've collected! It's more thrilling than diving into a new box of chocolates!

I found another vintage German Christmas pyramid, this one smaller than the one I had a few years ago, so I passed that one on and kept the small one...

I also found a shade for the lamp above. I only use one of the pair because using two looks like a sacrificial alter, and I was thrilled to find this shade. I mean, it's not beautiful but I like the unusual shape so will probably recover it at some point. At the moment it has a papery shade which I think is fibre glass.
Jason says it looks like it's made from human skin and belongs on the set of Silence of the lambs.

So to freak him out, I drew a nipple on it.

Other naughtinesses have taken place...

Bad Bobby is a non believer.

And both he and Fat Freddy found their way onto Santas naughty list.

Christmas was quiet. And sad as my lovely Auntie passed away on Christmas eve.

New Years was more fun with some friends at a Turkish restaurant.

Now, I'm struggling to get used to the brutal alarm clock after a lazy school holiday. And struggling to get back into work mode. First job is THAT wardrobe which remains in the kitchen. As my husband likes to remind me on a daily basis.

I would make a New Years resolution to blog more, but I'd only break it...

Happy New Year to you dear readers! I hope 2016 is kind to you.


  1. Happy New've been missed.
    Fancy Bad Bobby leaving that carrot.
    Sorry to hear about Auntie. X

  2. good to hear from you and the cats again ♥ Happy New Year

  3. Really sorry to hear of your Aunt's passing so hard to lose a loved one much harder at Christmas we lost our nan the day after boxing day 7 years ago so its always hard for my mum. Your house looks gorgeous I have to say I feel the same as you bringing the vintage decorations out :-) I was drooling over your photo. Good luck with getting the wardrobe finished look forward to a ta da moment in the 2016 :-) dee xx

  4. Get that wardrobe done girl - it will do you the power of good! (Meant in the kindest possible way....)

  5. So happy to see you blogging again. :)

    Very sorry to hear about your dear Aunt. Virtual hugs flying your way from Liverpool.

    Envious of your vintage deccies - my Mum must have thrown hers out when they moved to the flat. Ah well, such is life. ;) At least we have OH's 50s electric lights with nursery rhyme characters on them... Somewhere... In a safe place... Probably the loft! Will have to search them out for next Christmas, and get the wiring seen to.

    Good luck with the wardrobe, and hope you have a Happy New Year with lots of bargains.

    1. Bless you Maggie. Look after your vintage lights! They can be worth a fortune! They can be easily PAT tested but they do get hot, unlike newer strings of lights so you'd need to keep an eye on them.
      Look at completed listings on ebay for vintage xmas fairy lights, price; highest first. It's shocking what they can make!

  6. And I'm even later commenting due to holidays and illness! Love your decorations and I love that lamp and the shade (especially the nipple!). Happy New Year!

  7. I love your sense of humor and you had me laughing out loud at your artistic lampshade. hehehe You may be giving the Leg Lamp a run for the money! Christmas season does have a way of flying by in the blink of an eye. I got hit with a virus the day after Christmas, so I've been moving in slow motion ever since. I'm sorry about the passing of your auntie during the Christmas holiday.

    I made a resolution to blog less this year and I should easily be able to keep that promise. :o) It's about quality not quantity, right? And speaking of quality, LOVE the sofa!!!

    I hope you're able to tackle the wardrobe in your kitchen soon! I'm back to working on the dollhouse, and it's becoming a thorn in my side. ugh

    Happy New Year!

  8. So sorry to hear about your Auntie. I hope that 2016 is equally kind to you.

    I just logged onto Blogger (with the intention of BLOGGING, no less!) and saw that loads of my traffic had come from you :) Although there have been no words of condolence left in the comments section, which is rather rude. Some of us are HEARTBROKEN here, people :p xxx

  9. A very belated happy new year from me, Emma - hope the morning alarm isn't sounding so harsh now. Oh who am I kidding? It always does! I'm sorry to hear about your auntie, that's sad news.
    BB and FF were on fine form this Christmas!
    Well, onward and wardrobe-ward! xxx

  10. Happy New Year. Sorry to hear about your aunt.

    Lizzie Dripping

  11. Aah Christmas decoration porn, I love it! I have quite a lot of vintage ones now, although yours look to be in super good nick. I quite like the foxing up to a point, but I'm v jealous of your lovelies. All my boxes are on their very last legs too, need to do something about that for next year. The Mr and I went to Berlin at the begining of December, so as you can imagine I was in heaven! You cracked me up with the Silence of the lambs style lamp too!

    Sorry to hear about your aunt. Onwards and upwards 2016 (I've blogged twice, may need a lie down)

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