Sunday, 24 June 2012

Boot sale bargains!

 Well Fridays fleamarket was utter crap this week, although I did manage to score a bagful of vintage girdles from the charity shop so it wasn't all bad. They are destined for ebay.

Today's boot sale was a good un! I picked up this little oak bedside table for £18 to add to the, er, growing pile in the garage requiring work! We just haven't had the weather this summer for stripping things in the garden. I love the shape! And yes, it's very heavy and I took it home on the bus! Some people have no shame...

It's had an unfortunate encounter with a tin of orange wax at some point in its life! I got lots of advice on how to go about refurbishing it from the kind folk on the bus. We're a friendly lot here in Hitchin!
 A sealed roll of Laura Ashley's finest Summer Palace for £1
 Brand new baby Gap jeans with the tags still on for 50p!
 Cool growing hair Sindy with half her original outfit and the little bag for her growing hair! I've never seen one of these before!
 New courgette plant to replace the one my cats destroyed. They are good like that...
Butter wouldn't melt? Don't you believe it!
The husband is really not thrilled that I've added to the furniture stockpile no matter how french and gorgeous a piece is so I think I'd better do some garage reorganisation this afternoon.


  1. The side dresser is a lovely shape and I bet it was awkward carrying home on the bus....I would have done the same!
    Cute cats....they are thinking, what can we get upto next :0D

  2. Great bargains - and your cats are just adorable! x


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