Saturday, 30 June 2012

Little French bedside table

 Finished it! I had to strip the WHOLE THING as the orange wax was caked on and wouldn't budge without the use of nasty chemicals!
 I removed the little galleried top section before working on the top. I wanted to keep that oak but I made it paler with a wash of watered down F&B Skimming Stone. Then a coat of matt varnish.
When I could see what the finished colour of the top was going to be, I could choose my main colours to match.
I opted for the Skimming Stone as an undercoat and Charlston Grey on top as they suited the pale oak.

I'm really happy with the colour. Other pieces in the house are creamy coloured and I wanted this one to be a bit more masculine.

I dark waxed it, then took all the dark off with clear wax. As you do when you change your mind!

The little top bit was nailed and glued back before I waxed the top.

 It can't go into the bedroom until the wax stops stinking. I use Liberon waxes and they certainly clear the sinuses!

Boot sale tommorrow, it's going to be an early start as there's rain forecast for later on.


  1. Ooooh, that's nice! :) I really like the effect of the wash on the oak top.

  2. Thank you Maggie! It works really well with watered down beigey grey paints and gives you a driftwoody look.


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