Thursday, 21 June 2012

Green door

 When we bought our home a few years ago, it hadn't been touched for 40 years! All the doors were the flush, 1950's/1960's variety and all of them were this delightful shade of green with a 40 year build up of tobacco staining. The walls and carpet were also green. Un-greening the house is my ongoing mission. This is my bedroom door. The other side is orange!
 Yesterday was a rare sunny day and I need a sunny day for door work. The door is removed and laid on a table in the garden and I measure and draw all over it. (This is another door.)

Then I cut all my pieces of wooden moulding with my mitre saw, glue and panel pin them on.

The most important part is caulk, all around the edges of the mouldings and the mitred corners! Take it from me, if you miss this stage your paint will crack. All along the mouldings! That's what happened to the first door I did! Wipe off excess with a damp cloth.
 A bit of primer, undercoat and gloss...
... and it's a vast improvement. The completed doors look better in real life and just kind of trick the eye into thinking it's a traditional panneled door. New handles from ebay complete the look. It's a lot cheaper than replacing all the doors! Also I'm pretty handy but hanging a new door is beyond me and I can tackle this.

Today I've been baking all day. One cake for the school cake sale and one for us. A great opportunity to use some of my vintage cake decorations! My daughter decorated the cake for me.

           It's my beloved fleamarket tommorrow morning if it's not tipping it down. Roll on Friday!

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  1. I keep coming back and looking at this project and love it. I am hoping to do something similar in my house when I get some of the energy you seem to have in abundance!


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