Monday, 19 November 2012

Flea market finds...

I started a new job in a charity shop in Hitchin which was really good! I have never worked so hard in my life and my background is childcare so I think that is saying something! A kids party is a walk in the park in comparison. But it was so rewarding. I put away all the summer clothes as I thought it was a little chilly, and I went through ALL the kids clothes and put out some nice warm items and surprise, surprise, people were snapping them up!
I was up and down stairs, tagging, steaming and sorting and I really enjoyed it.
Then I spied a new donation of Christmas decorations containing some vintage glass lovelies so I boxed them up and stuck a £20 label on them. They sold the same day they were put out, to the surprise of the staff who would have sold them for £1. So I felt great about that.

I even managed to get up early and do the Friday Flea market before going into the shop and scored some goodies!

This little fella I haven't even paid for! I owe the lady the money and will give it to her next week as she didn't have any change. We are a trusting bunch in Hitchin! I think he's from the 60's and will add to my vintage Christmas decoration collection.

[I am dying to show you my Christmas decs and give you a guided tour of my favourite bits as I know I'm not the only bauble maniac out there, BUT... instead of getting it all up on Dec 1st and getting our moneys worth before 12th night it's going to be sooo late this year. The flooring guy comes on the 11th so all the furniture has to be removed from the living room and hallway as we are being screeded, then floored over 2 days (maybe three?) and THEN I have to put the rooms back together, put back all the books and games and THEN get the decs out. It will be a frustrating wait but it's taken us 4 years to be in a position where we can proceed with the flooring (wiring etc) so that takes priority.]

My favourite find was this pristine carpet bag!

I'm not really into shoes and bags like 'normal' girls but this just screamed 'have me!' and cost next to nothing. I am one lucky lady.

I found very little at Sundays boot sale apart from a lovely new friend, the beautiful Rebecca from Crivens Cottage who had never been to boot sale before. Unimaginable I know! Well, she took to it like a duck to water and scored more cool stuff than I did! Not to mention charming the regular stallholders!

I did find one very sweet thing:

A faded Christmassy box containing...

...teeny tiny Christmas crackers! 3'' tall, they are the size of boiled sweets...

...yet still contain snaps mottoes and charms! We were tempted to pull one to see what was inside but didn't want to ruin the unused set. Cost? 25p!


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  1. Great scores at the flea market, the carpet bag looks in mint condition. My mum worked in two chazza shops and kept us entertained with stories about them. (Beware of pervy men in the changing room!) Plus you get to bag all the good stuff first. I'm afraid I'm not with you on the decorations thing and never put mine up until about a week before and they come down on 1st Jan.

  2. I was very restrained and only bought one thing! I hope I can continue with this behaviour... I don't want to end up like one of those mad hoarders on the telly but minimalism just isn't me!

  3. That carpet bag is gorgeous and well done for introducing Rebecca to the joys of car booting, I knew she'd love it.
    Well done for spotting and putting the right price on the baubles, bet the chazza was thrilled. x

  4. Sounds like your having a lovely time in the chairty shop i think i would have had to buy those decorations myself i couldn't have let those be sold. Love the little chap your bought though he is cute. Your carpet bag is lovely. Hope all the plans go ok, dee x

  5. Wow, I love those vintage crackers. Gorgeous finds!

  6. I'd love to see what's inside those vintage crackers. They look amazing!

  7. Gaah, you're an asset to the charity and a bane to the rest of us! But seriously, well done for pricing the decorations so they'd make the most money for the charity. Those crackers are very cute, and the elf is great - haven't they re-issued him as 'Elf on the Shelf'?

  8. Wow, I've not heard of 'Elf on the shelf' he could well be a prototype spying elf who watches everything and reports back to Santa! That is creepy! I've gone off him now...

  9. Such a great finds!! Those crackers are gorgeous! I love mini things, I can't believe they are actually "real" crackers and not just decorations!

  10. I just found your site via Criven's Cottage; I have done decorative painting, too, and am excited about seeing your work and reading about your life. Wish we had boot sales here! I have a few antique Christmas decorations, but not many. Was so nice to see the mini crackers. ~ Linne


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