Sunday, 25 November 2012

The ugly truth...

You've probably all seen this shot by now...


What I haven't shared is the other side of the hallway...

Not quite so pretty!

I decorated as far as I could without taking the radiator off. And it's been like that for almost a year!
With the new floor being laid very soon we finally got the plumber in to take off the radiator so I could finish the job.

Wahey! I took off the skirting too as that's being replaced along with the floor. It looks so much better. I was under the impression that having a radiator off meant we'd have to do without heat but the plumber just capped off the one radiator so I could work on the wall all weekend and not freeze. Genius!

I still need to paint the pipes...

Bit by bit the house is getting there. Slowly!

Despite not being able to put up a single Christmas decoration due to emptying half the downstairs for the flooring, Christmas spirit is well and truly here!
At the Friday Flea market I picked up this sweet vintage box with it's paper labels.

I'm not sure how I will utilise it yet but I love it.

And we went up the road to the garden centre to see Father Christmas arrive in style!

And Freddy is getting very excited!

This is the 'good' cat! He's only looking fed up as my husband wanted him to look at the camera when he wanted to sleep! He didn't mind the outfit at all. I think he has a future in modelling!
The 'bad' one would not tolerate such silliness.

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  1. Love your flea market find and how cute does Freddy look, my cat would never pose like that let alone wear an outfit!

  2. It's a 'large' dog outfit from Poundland and I couldn't fasten it. Freddy is a big boy! He wasn't posing, just snuggling! x

  3. Lovely pics as always. Kitty looks adorable. xx

  4. OOh! Can't wait to see the flooring, I love a good renovation!
    (and all your gorgeous furniture!) ;-)

  5. I love the puss cat santa paws!

  6. Your kitty is gorgeous!!!
    Well done on finishing that radiator, we've got tasks like that we just keep ignoring, it feels like a right old achievement when you finally tick them off the list!

  7. Love that box Emma, you could use it as a planter for Christmas with greenery, candles, pot plants, I've seen something like that on Pinterest. Thanks so much for your tip about using a blanket for quilting, what a brilliant idea, I'll be off to the charity shops this week to look out for one. When I think of all the blankets I've not bought at jumble sales I could kick myself!
    Gill x

  8. Your cat is too cute in his little suit <3 The radiator is looking good! You are making such great progress!

  9. ;-)) Your cat does cute bless him ;-) It will all be worth the hard work your house is going to look gorgeous. Love the little box and father christmas carriage was very smart. dee x

  10. It's not that bad! :) It would look great once the flooring and all the painting has been done. We must see Santa soon as well! very cute cat too x

  11. Ahh I feel so much better about my own hallway after seeing the 'other side'! LOL clever photography skilz.

    Love your little box, I bet you'll fill it with loveliness x

  12. Oh there are plenty more horrors in this house! I will only show you as I fix them!

  13. Well done on the radiator! Our hall radiator was taken off in the summer and hasn't been replaced yet- we want to get an old iron one but it's so hard to choose!

    Larger changes are afoot here this week though; the plumbers started ripping out our bathroom today to replace with a shiny new one. Very exciting but also a bit scary :) xx

    1. Oh how exciting! We're hoping to do that next year. We have a 60's purple bathroom with leaks everywhere and no hot taps. When I share the true horror of our floors you'll see why the flooring takes priority over the bathroom! ;)


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