Sunday, 4 November 2012

Sunday Booty in the rain...

I was up at 6 and by the time I left the house it had started to rain and I did wonder if anyone would be at the boot sale. There were problems galore when I arrived at Hitchin market with no electricity, (the stalls are usually lit) and no tables for some of the pitches. But I managed to find  some goodies!
First, I'll show you what I got last week. This vintage triple mirror.

 It matches our fake French fifties furniture and will be painted when I get round to doing the set. I just need to decide on a colour. I'm sending away for some autentico chalk paint charts as they seem to have a lot more colours than Annie Sloan, and I'm too nervous to use home-made chalk paint on plastic that will be handled! Anyway this was only £10 and they go for around £30 on ebay.
This is in my daughters room, and is a little more grown up than the ladybird bookshelf that sat in the same place.

The ladybirds are my pride and joy and are the one thing I'd grab if the house was on fire! I collected them from boot sales and charity shops in the days before ebay and it took me 6 years to complete the sets! The Green Umbrella was the hardest one to find! The shelf is an old oak family piece that I had in my room when I was a child and I painted it a few years ago. They can't stay here on the windowsill as they will fade...

So, onto today. I got ANOTHER mannequin!

Oops. I can't help it. It's lost its legs and is called Sheila apparently. I want to attempt some decoupage on this! It was only £4. Sheila has an awesome pointy bosom.

I picked up this sweet vintage Davos sledge for £20.

 Not sure if we'll use it for sledging or display purposes but it was a bargain at £20, even if I did take it home on the bus, attracting the usual funny looks. Luckily the mannequin fit inside my Cath Kidston shopping trolley so I didn't look totally bonkers. I hope.

I found some funny tiny plastic clowns that sit on top of each other. I know nothing about them but they seem pretty old.

I wonder if they're toys or cake decorations...

Now all the Hallowe'en/half term high jinks are over I can get on with some painting this week. I'm getting very impatient to do something! It has been nice having a clear dining room but it won't last! The dining table is already vanishing fast under piles of junk...

Happy Sunday everyone. I hope your boot sales were plentiful.

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  1. Gosh lucky you still going to boot sales, they've all finished in my area so I'm getting my fix from jumble sales and charity shops! I have the very same mirror and two of those chests of drawers, I painted them and they do look fab. I picked them up on eBay a few years ago and managed to get them for £25 and £30 respectively, I love creating the French shabby chic look on a budget. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with yours. Inspired by you I gave my mannequin a makeover last week, will blog about it when I have time. Have a lovely Sunday x

  2. I am lucky because the boot sale is all year round! Just need to wrap up for the weather. I'd love to see your painted furniture! What great prices you got them for. We paid ten times that amount for one of ours on ebay!
    I cannot wait to see your mannequin!!! x

  3. Love your mirror - what a great find!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  4. What brilliant finds, looking forward to seeing the makeovers.

  5. You have got some great finds there! I am a fair weather car booter I'm afraid, its far too cold to be out at the crack of dawn for me, I'm much too soft!

    1. Hehe! I am obsessed! I will go in the snow! Although I might take a taxi rather than face the half hour walk into town...

  6. Emma you will be devastated to hear that I have never been to a car boot sale or jumble sale!!! I am an ebayer and have just started venturing into Bedfords charity shops, as im still trying to find out where things are.

    Your finds are amazing, especially the very very jealous of the sledge.

    We lived in stotfold for about 3 mths a couple of years back before we made the move down here permanent, so I have been into Hitchin a couple of times and its got good charity shops and we really liked the market.

    Cant wait to see your painted projects xx

    1. Wow, that's unimagineable! The jumble sale thing I understand as there aren't many around these days sadly. I'm very lucky that I can get to boot sales without a car as I don't have one.

      I'm going to mix up some paint right now! xx

  7. My husband has a sledge almost identical to the one you bought. Think he got his from a bootsale, years ago, too!

  8. Snap! I have the same mirror. Those clowns are a bit scary but all your finds are fab! x

  9. These are brilliant finds, especially the mirror and the sledge. Sheila looks like she needs a little work around the boobs! The ladybird shelf is lovely too, that really must have been a labour of love collecting all of them.

    We are hoping to move to Hertfordshire, have heard good things about Hitchin but not sure if we can afford to be close enough to the good schools. And it's a pain in the bum trying to relocate from South London.

  10. im envious of your triple mirror, gorgeous! brilliant finds!

    blog hopping from ta dah tuesday

    susan ( )

  11. I agree with Miss Tea, the triple mirror is so pretty. Vintage chic at its best.

  12. Oh My Emma Kate - you got some fabulous fabulous finds! Lucky You. I love the triple mirror - it so rocks. I haven't heard of another kind of chalk paint - thanks for the tip.

    I think Sheila is my favorite. I can't wait to see how you dress her up! Following you now (from Prescott, AZ, USA).

  13. You do find fab things! I really like the slightly creepy clowns, they look interesting - what do you think you'll do with them? I also have a similar mirror, picked up at an auction - very pretty and perfect with your furniture. Hugely impressed by your ladybird book collection too.
    I've got car boot withdrawal symptoms at the moment because all my local ones have stopped for the winter , but I did spot a new jumble sale sign the other day.. :)

  14. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Wow, that sledge - love it. I've discovered a nearby church that has a monthly sale with some good items (they collect donations from some posh areas!) I bought two old folding chairs for £1 each at the weekend, and two vintage small wooden drawers/boxes for £1.50.

    Really enjoy reading your blog, your posts often make me smile and my boys are in love with your cats after I showed them the cuddled up together picture :-)


  15. Hi Emma Kate,
    I'm your newest follower. I love your style. Thanks for visiting me at altered-artworks and leaving me a comment. Have a great day!

    Los Angeles, California, USA


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