Sunday, 10 March 2013

Mothering Sunday

I took a break from the boot sale this morning as it was snowing out. My husband is working in London all weekend so we're going to celebrate mothers day next weekend with lunch out and/or breakfast in bed. At six years old, my daughter can't pull that off on her own.

I did get this lovely card.

with a lovely promise inside...

 I will hold her to her promise next weekend! 

March is a bittersweet time. It's the month of my mums birthday, mothers day and is around the time she passed away so she is in my thoughts a lot at this time of year. My first mothers day as a mother was my first without a mother. But I am truly blessed with my little girl. I know she has a special guardian angel watching over her.
 I always get daffodils for mothers day as they were my mums favourites. My daughter cracked me up when she asked me what I'd like and I told her daffodils she said she had actually planned on buying me a stone pheasant!?! Okay...

Wishing you all  a happy mothers day if you are a mother, have a mother or have lost a mother.


  1. I love the bit about playing with the cats in a good way! I too am thinking of my mum today.

  2. Lovely post, Antonia xxx

  3. Sorry you no longer have your mum. Gorgeous card from your own girl though, am intrigued by the stone pheasant, could have been nice in the garden.

  4. Loving the card, and the promise.

    I miss my Mum too, it's still really hard on Mother's Day, and I lost her eleven years ago.



    1. Emma, that card is so adorable and let me guess it is a picture of you on the front?

      I agree the stone pheasant idea is very intriguing. But daffodils and promising to play better with the cats sounds just as good.

      I am sorry for your loss, I am lucky enough to have my mum still and even luckier that they travelled from Wales to spend the weekend with us. I always ask for yellow roses as they were my granny's favourite flower and I feel much closer to her when I have them in the house xxx

      We will have to meet up soon xx

    2. Yes Rebecca, that's me and that is exactly how I do my makeup too! I completely agree about the flowers!
      Hope you had a lovely time with your family, xxx

  5. Sorry you no longer have your mum. Sending you hugs. xx

  6. I'm so sorry about your Mum. It must be a particularly difficult time for you. I'm very glad you've got your sweet daughter to look after you and offer to bring you unusual presents :) xx

  7. A little card full of love and warmth and one to treasure bless her heart. Sending you a huge warm hug and i hope you have a lovely day on Sunday with your little family. dee x

  8. Oh that card is so sweet! Love the portrait of you!
    As important as it is to you that you are a mum, it is also significant to be a daughter, and celebrating one without the other must seem strange and sad. Lots of love to you, I hope the day went OK. xxxx


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