Sunday, 3 March 2013

The early bird catches the worm...

It was a 6am start for me as usual this morning. It always feels wrong getting up before the heating comes on and before my daughter is awake.

Want to see what I found?

Exciting to me! New paintbrushes £1 each.

Large unused fabrics 50p each. Two are Laura Ashley and similar to mine and Little Nells homemade Laura Ashley bridesmaid dresses. 

It's just the reverse colourway. I'm the blond above. 

Anyway, I'm making a rag quilt and those fabrics will go into it.

 I got all these vintage darning threads for 50p the lot. I don't believe in darning at all but the packaging is so appealing...

...I couldn't just leave them there!

Best of all: this vintage eiderdown! £8. It was all wrapped up in plastic, and the lady wouldn't let me open it to inspect it, but assured me I could bring it back and get a refund if it was holey or stained. (It's not.)

 Thing is, she'd labelled it as a single and it's definitely a double! So it was even more of a bargain. 

                                    Beautiful vibrant colours! Definitely worth getting up early for!

                                          This week in a charity shop I picked up this. £1.50

I might be the last person in the country to read it but honestly! £7.99 for a paperback? Really? I'm out of touch! I thought £1.50 was a bit steep!
 I've heard very mixed reviews so it might be on it's way back to the charity shop pronto, but if it's any good, you might not hear from me for a while...

I've warned the husband!

I've been working on an exciting project that I'll be back to show you soon! Happy Sunday x

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  1. Wow what a wonderful haul of bargains, I am drooling over the eiderdown its beautiful.x

  2. Wow that quilt is gorgeous, what a find! I'm getting excited for the boot sales to start again here, not long now. x

  3. Thread for mending hose - how could anyone resist? You really have bagged some bargains! Maybe I should consider starting carbooting early this year too, I usually wait until the end of next moth for the early morning ones but I think you might have nabbed all the best things by then ;)

  4. Nooo! I want that eiderdown. Been after one for eons, the last one I saw was £18 and grubby, far too much to pay for something that required dry cleaning. Great bargains this morning, certainly worth the early rise.
    (I haven't read it either!)

  5. I haven't read it either but will wait for your update!!!
    The thread is fabulous, you clearly have great hunting grounds wherever you are!! :-))

  6. What a beautiful eiderdown, we had one just like it when I was a kid.
    And I couldn't have resisted those Duldarn silks either.
    I haven't read Fifty Shades of Grey - the charity shops here are full of copies of it and the sequels, they clearly aren't books you keep and go back to! It's like The Da Vinci Code, every charity shop has to have at least one copy of that too! xxx

  7. That quilt is gorgeous! I'm green as a, erm, green thing. What a bargain too! You found some great things :)

    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

  8. Emma Kate, I'm squealing at the fabric, the darning threads and the eidy. I've got the exact same eidy (only smaller) so I can confirm that it's a stunner! xx

  9. Oh wow - that eiderdown is just gorgeous and I love all those mending threads.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  10. Snap! I have a couple of those quilts - well, I have them when I can prise them off the cats! Love the mending yarn and how cute you look in that dress! x

  11. oh it really was worth the early start! Love everything, but that vintage eiderdown is fabulous beyond words! I've never found one in decent condition. Itching to get back out to the boots now, just a few more weeks to wait! x

  12. Eh up missus!! Wink wink!

    Your bargains are awesome, even I might consider getting up that early for such finds.

    I'm smiling to myself at the thought of the nylons that darning thread might have mended - the colours!!!

    The quilt is beautiful, I've just bought some fabric a very similar colour to the paisley on it.

    1. Well, you can certainly see why the darning wools remain unused! I don't suppose many ladies had such vibrant stockings!

  13. Some great bargains there, I love the fabrics!

  14. I'm coveting your eiderdown and Laura Ashley fabrics

  15. Some great buys there. I really love the quilted eiderdown, it was a real find.

  16. hi emma kate...just found you through Max....what great finds...that eiderdown!...My mum has one just like it that she got from a garage sale here in Australia for $5.....I try to steal it the paintbrushes as well...I would of gotten excited about them too!
    Allison x

  17. I am drooling over that eiderdown. I dream of finding one of those. Popping over via Max at Blackbird has spoken. x

  18. ooh, another eiderdown admirer here. the`colours are stunning. i have a little one in a similar fabric but its very faded in comparison. great to have you linky-up xxx

  19. I am so in love with that eiderdown - it is stunning, well done - I'm the same about books too I begrudge the cost of them new (but also refuse to read that one haha!) I'd have to frame those threads too they're far too pretty to use! (that is a great excuse for not darning things too...)

  20. I love those mending threads, such gorgeous colours and packaging - of course you couldn't leave them behind, and your eiderdown is as fresh as a daisy, how lovely and snuggly it looks.

  21. You mean you DON'T darn your hose??

    That eiderdown is gorgeous, I am SO jealous!!

  22. Wow, brilliant finds. Love the eiderdown, particularly. The middle one of the three Laura Ashley fabrics took me back - I had my bedroom wallpapered in the matching wallpaper, and curtains made from the fabric, when I was a child. Must mention your lovely cat, in the previous post, too - just beautiful!


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