Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Plate rack problem...

Okay so for my dining room makeover I decided I needed a long flat plate rack. The room isn't big so it had to be flat so that people can still squeeze by it.

I got this one on eBay, I've shown you before...

Well, tragedy of tragedies. It's too small. My carefully collected wares (if it's under £1 I'll have it) do not fit on here at all.

So, seeing as I'm now a Master Carpenter I figured I could make one. I mean, how hard could it be? Men seem to manage it and they can't understand a garment care label or use a washing machine properly.
So I set about measuring my crapola and designed a larger plate rack.

It would have been so great. People would have been emailing me just begging me to reproduce it for them. I'd probably have had to start a new company.

But seeing as I'm car-less and struggle to get timber, I thought I'd have another little look on eBay. And I found one. It wasn't cheap but I had pay pal money from selling some junk so that makes it free really. And a lot less hassle than getting timber and having to start a brand new company.

You can see how much bigger it is...

Obviously the one I nearly built would have been just like this. Or better. 

I haven't got much further on at all with the room. The radiator man never came and I've been too busy to track him down. I forgot how hard it is to achieve anything in the school holidays between playdates and day trips. But I'm not complaining. Constance is great company and we are enjoying the lazy mornings.


  1. Oh yes, the lazy mornings! Aren't they grand? We were still in our PJs at lunchtime today, excellent!
    Of course you could have made a plate rack, Emma Kate (and no doubt looked totally sexy while doing it!) but hey, Ebay it is. No rush with the dining room, it will all be there waiting for your attention after the hols, and days out and fun with Constance sounds more appealing! xxxx

    1. PJ's at lunchtime? I cannot think of a better way to spend a rainy day. xxxx

  2. You should have kept quiet and pretended, we'd never have been any the wiser! Lie-ins and lazy days, especially when it;s raining, the dining room can wait! x

  3. Ah, I wish it could but we have guests coming to stay in September and I want it looking good! (I think you might have guessed I didn't make that plate rack if you saw my actual carpentry skills. Thing is, I still think I can do it.) x

  4. I think I can do lots of things too and sometimes I can - sort of ... Looking forward to seeing the finished dining room - I need inspiration for mine!

  5. It's wierd. I'm not an enormously confident person but when it comes to DIY I think I can do anything. (When I clearly can't!) Ah well, confidence to try is a great start!

  6. Bet you could have done it! M x

  7. You could have lied an said you made it LMHO !!!!!!!!!
    Can't wait to see it up!
    Are you painting it?

  8. can't wait to see the finished results x


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