Wednesday, 25 September 2013

We are ready...

Today is my deadline for finishing the dining room. Our Australian guests arrive in about half an hour.

They should spot our house easily enough...

And I got the window on the wall!

Top tip: Finish your drilling before you lay the table!

I'm so far resisting the urge to put a large pillow under it in case it falls off...


  1. Well done, both inside and out look fantastic, they'll never want to leave! Of course it won't fall off, unless you're planning to get the guests hopelessly drunk! xxx

  2. Have fun with your Oz visitors, Emma Kate. The window on the wall looks fabulous just like I knew it would! xx

  3. I'm sure you've fastened it to the wall securely, Emma Kate - just don't fall against it in an unguarded moment and break a pane!
    Your dining room looks fab, but I am surprised at you, look at all that colour in the bunting! The red, the blue, the stars, the Union Jack! I bet you'll be glad when that comes down, ha!
    Have a fab time with your friends. xxxx

  4. Loving the Oz flag bunting and the room looks fantastic xx

  5. Lovely, everything looks so welcoming and the sun was shining! That window is fab by the way x

  6. Hello! Just been catching up with your last few posts. The house looks amazing - I especially love the dresser transformation and your glue-gun craftiness on the light fitting. And Twilight! How adorable. Good on you xx

  7. Wow, it all looks fab! I'd be so chuffed if someone put up actual proper bunting if I was visiting! How very thoughtful of you x

    Kate x
    Just Pirouette and Carry On...


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