Thursday, 16 January 2014

Not for those of a nervous disposition...

Warning. There are some graphic photographs of an UGLY bedroom coming up.

Sadly it's mine. Well, not mine but my husbands. (He snores and I can't function without sleep.)
He got the master bedroom. It's the most peculiar size. 19 1/2 feet by 8 feet. Absurdly long and thin. And really gross.

It's virtually untouched since we moved in. Not because I'm being mean and I don't have to sleep there. 

There's a reason I haven't done anything apart from stripping the floral wallpaper and painting the walls. It has polystyrene ceiling tiles.

These are not only unnatractive but a real fire hazzard.
I wasn't sure how to tackle them. In the same house as ours around the corner, they took the whole ceiling down. I didn't want to do that. All the insulating fluff and junk in the loft would have to be taken out first.

The ceiling is also bowed. It dips in the middle. So we have to figure out if we need to take the ceiling down or can just scrape those damn tiles off and skim over the glue residue.

The window in this room is fogged up.

It's a seventies aluminium double glazed unit with a hardwood frame and also has secondary glazing. All the windows in the house were like this when we moved in. This is one of the last two we have to replace. The wood and metal are covered in black mould in addition to the fact that you can't see out of it. Nice.

There's no room for a curtain pole as the window reaches the ceiling so we have a track. I hate tracks. I put those Laura Ashley curtains in as I thought they looked masculine. I hate them. Lesson learned. Don't try to please the husband. He'd be happy with anything.

The bed is a king size and is way to big for the room. It almost spans the entire width. We need a double or a small double in there. It's all just hopelessly depressing.

And the wardrobe. Oh dear.

That laundry basket keeps the middle door shut. It's not just been placed there to style the shot. In case you were wondering.

Want to see inside?

Yes, more of those bloody tiles. The wardrobe goes right back into the eaves of the roof. Can you see how the upper section is bowed? I was always nervous of sticking my head in there in case it all came tumbling down.

I could fit a lot in there though...all my out of season clothing went into plastic boxes.

Anyway, it's gone.

Why the bottom half of the wardrobe inside has gone this colour I do not know. The old owner smoked. Perhaps he did it with the wardrobe doors open? He hadn't thought of the cunningly placed laundry basket trick.

I've started removing polystyrene tiles...

No great improvement yet! The wall and ceiling at this end of the room are plastered and the tiles came off nicely.

The other end is just plasterboard and the tiles here don't want to shift.

Sometimes things have to get worse before they get better. I'm at the ''Oh my God, what have I done?'' stage.

I've discovered a place where the ceiling is mobile which isn't good. I need to investigate why this might be. I'm hoping that it's anything but mobile ceiling joists. So, all the insulating fluff and junk has to be moved....

Ah, it'll all be worth it in the end!

I hope.

Are you shocked? This gives you an idea of what the entire house was like when we moved in!


  1. Oh Emma - what to say? Ermmm - maybe in a few years it will be seen as retro? Laundry basket and all? There will be pictures just like yours in the best magazines heralding the glory of polystyrene and the rustic nature of bowed ceilings and black mould. No? We have the same ceiling tiles in our politely called 'utility room'/ impolitely called 'shed/dump' and much worse. We've managed to ignore them for twenty years so I look forward to some inspiration from your good self.Good start you brave, brave woman! Jane x

  2. I hope you can see why it's taken five years to gird my loins for this renovation! This isn't going to be a quick fix so bear with me if it takes 6 months! x

  3. I had those polystyrene ceiling tiles in the kitchen of my old flat, they were a bastard to remove and left the ceiling in such a state that I had to replaster. Good luck!

    1. Replastering is the least of my worries. I'd be thrilled if that was all it needed. I'm worried the whole thing might fall down! Thanks I'll be needing luck!

  4. I lived in a flat in the 70's with polystyrene tiles in the kitchen. One day I was tending to the eye level gas grill when a tile floated off the ceiling and landed on the cooker .... The house I'm in now had polystyrene coving in the dining room. Talking of coving, a strip of plaster coving in the loo started to come unstuck, so hubs eventually glued it back up with no more nails, and wedged a floor mop to it from the window sill - he told me it needed 70 hours to set. When I took it down the sponge had been glued to the coving, it looks like a fungus up there now!

    1. I have that coving in my bedroom! That's hilarious! I wonder if you can sand it off? x

  5. What can I say ... Good luck!! I know you'Ll make a lovely job of it ... M x

    1. Thanks, I hope so! Might take some time and deep pockets! x

  6. Oh polystyrene tiles! Who the hell invented those godawful things?? Good luck Emma Kate, it all sounds hellish. xx

  7. Your can-do attitude is awe-inspiring, Emma Kate! It might seem tricky right NOW... but the bedroom (and dressing room) of your dreams is just around the corner. Or maybe a few corners. Honest! xxx

    1. Meh. I've lost interest now and moved onto something else... :) xxx

  8. Oh my goodness. Firstly, I hope whoever designed/built your house got fired immediately afterwards for using such stupid proportions!! Best of luck working your usual magic with this one! Will be keeping my fingers crossed about the ceiling. Can't wait to see the transformation! Xxx

    1. Don't hold your breath! I haven't got any further since this post was written! xxx


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