Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Onwards and upwards...

You know what? I really actually hate New Years. Always have. I think that as a control freak, looking forward into the abyss is very unsettling. I spent New Years eve very quietly with my dad. We watched dumb films and I was longing to go to bed at 10.30 but I stayed up so he wouldn't have to see the New Year in alone. I'm a trooper aren't I? I'm sure he was glad of my stone cold sober yawning presence.
Deep down.

My daughter and I returned from our Yorkshire trip, the Christmas decorations are down and the new term at school has begun.
There's still a wardrobe in the kitchen which I have been blissfully ignoring. My husband is on my case though now and I'll have to get cracking on it before we have a huge barney. Just need an empty day....

My neighbour is giving me her old clothes rails as they've just had a walk in wardrobe built. This is something I want to do. The clothes rails mean I can demolish the gross wardrobe that's there at the moment. I'm really surprised it hasn't collapsed on it's own. 

 In my mind, my walk in wardrobe has double doors off the bedroom, with hanging space either side...

                                                        ...chandelier. Obviously.

...plenty of boot storage... 

...leopard print carpet...

I would look just like this too. (What happened to the childs trousers?)
and perhaps a frivolous piece of furniture in the middle of it...

                                                          Somewhere to toss rejected outfits.

But what I have come to realise is this; I have been muddling walk in wardrobes with dressing rooms. To have a fabulous dressing room we'd have to sacrifice a bedroom. Boo hoo.

When I measured the space it dawned on me that double doors are not going to fit.

Which is gutting as I fell head over heels for these.

Chaise longue? Forget it. There may be space for one person to stand in the middle. If they're slim.

Chandelier? Only if I duck underneath it.   

My neighbours house is identical to ours and their walk in wardrobe is utterly gorgeous although not quite as palatial as my fantasy one. Unless the builders of our homes squeezed in some extra square footage on our side, I think I'd better get real about what I want.

Popping round with a tape measure and a camera might be a good place to start. 

Bring on the demolition!

Uh oh. Just remembered I'm forbidden to cause any more chaos until the wardrobe in the kitchen is finished. C'est la vie.


  1. I'm hearing you Sister!!!!!

  2. Bit belated Happy New Year! LOL to your post! I hope you get your built in wardrobe - I'd love a dressing room too... might have been able to do it when we did the house renovation and rebuild, but we went for a bigger master bedroom... Which on the whole works better for me, or it will do hopefully when get rid of all the boxes of carp all over the floor. :D

    Best of luck with the wardrobe in the kitchen! I know you will get it done brilliantly given your past amazing makeovers.

    Best wishes from Liverpool, Maggie

  3. It's always good to dream before heading back to reality! You'll make a wonderful job of it, whatever you do! M x

  4. Oh how the mundanities of space can impact on our plans! You've got champagne tastes but a beer budget, Emma Kate! Still, I am sure that whatever dressing room/walk-in wardrobe you create, it will be fabulous. Even if it doesn't include a chaise longue or a child with no trousers.
    And I am looking forward to seeing you pose on a pink step ladder in your skin-tight pencil skirt and 6" stilletoes. Pleeeease!
    Happy new year, love! xxxxx

  5. Happy new year emma-kate. I also long for a walk-in-wardrobe with all mod cons-mainly as a place to hide from the kids-the bathroom just isnt cutting it. If anyone can come up with an attractive low-cost, low-space version it's you-looking forward to hearing of tour narnian wardrobe adventures x

  6. Think all of the above would be a bit OTT for my wardrobe - mostly secondhand garments. Surely something so grand should be housing Jimmy Choo's and Manolo's, Donna Karan and Michael Kors? Perhaps your wardrobe is more upmarket than mine but know whatever you decide to do, the finished article will be lovely. Happy new Year.

    1. I don't do shoes, bags or designer labels but I still think my pile of jeans and boots deserve a chandelier! Think of a tres posh charity shop! Second hand all the way for me too! x

  7. All I am thinking now is "Seriously, Christina? Your 90s pop music millions can buy you that many pairs of shoes but you can't clothe your child from head to toe?". Fingers crossed your walk-in-wardrobe is secretly a tardis. xxx

  8. I've just treated myself to my own walk-in wardrobe! I opted for who specialise in fitted bedroom furniture - I have an awkwardly-shaped room, but they will be able to tailor the wardrobe to its awkward shape :o)

    1. What I don't like about them is the HUGE price for a pile of plastic coated MDF. If I'm after that I'll go with IKEA and put it together myself. ;)


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