Sunday, 27 April 2014

My new business...

I'm still to set up an online shop but I managed to take some pretty pictures so...[drumroll...]

Allow me to present my new business venture!

This is an enamel sign designed to go behind your cooker as a splashback. Being enamel, it's heat and fire proof, fade resistant and heavy! These are not cheap repros made from spray painted tin. The enamel is glass fused onto steel.

They're made in the UK which I'm very chuffed about.

Best of all, there's a distressed version!

This one is a prototype, I would probably go a bit more extreme with the distressing than this!

When the enamel is distressed you can see how the layers of different coloured enamel are laid on to the steel. The splashbacks distress in a very authentic old sign way.

This idea came about when I had a lusting for an old vintage advertising sign to be used as a splashback for my cooker. Unfortunately, anything food related was out of my price range and/or wouldn't fit my space.

I could have reproduced some original signs but the sizes are copyrighted so you can't crop them to fit your wall.

Hopefully these ones will provide the look at a fraction of the cost and create a real statement in a kitchen. Adding a touch of vintage. And we all like a bit of vintage!

I have a top London graphic designer who is able to interpret my vision and doesn't get cross when I'm indecisive. I'm really pleased with the design.

I still have to work out pricing but I'm thinking a retail price of £130 ish plus postage.

My dining room!

I want to offer other designs, all based on vintage signage and various sizes to fit range cookers aswell as standard cookers like this one. And plenty of colours too.

So go on, tell me what you think! Taking orders now ladies!


  1. I wish you the best of luck in your new enterprise, what a genius idea. May you be inundated with orders.

  2. Looks great Emma! It's one of those things that makes you think 'why hasn't this been done before?' so surely that's a 'good'! Bet they'll be really popular x Jane

  3. They look really great - what a brilliant idea! Can't wait to see the online shop. Off to show my other half.......
    Good luck with your new business xx

  4. Aha! So that's the plan for world domination - or at least splashback domination! What a cool idea, your prototype looks really good. I wish you every success with it, Emma Kate, I think it's just the start of Big Things! xxx

  5. looking good! Have never seen anyone else doing anything like this either ♥

  6. What a great creation - I love rusty enamel signs (as you know). Wishing you loads of luck in your new venture - this time next year,

  7. Brilliant idea ... best of luck to you. Great for bathroom splashbacks too I guess?
    M x

  8. Huge congrats, Emma, on your new venture! You have such creativity and pluck for new and neat projects. All the best with this latest one. Xo

  9. Genius! I love old enamel signs but the ones with cool images/fonts always seem to be for cigarettes (eurgh!). When we get our new kitchen (in 2034 at this rate) I will definitely be adding one of these to my wishlist. Best of luck in your new venture! xxx

  10. Fabulous Emma Kate. I love old enamel signs and the idea of them being used for splashbacks is genius. I'll definitely be watching this space! xx

  11. Love these - can't wait for your online store. Will you be able to ship to the US?

  12. Brilliant idea! I love it :) Looking forward to your kitchen makeover, too, it will be amazing!

  13. They look fab. What size is this one? I'm after something for a 90cm cooker and I love the idea!

  14. Hi Gabi, Thank you! The 90cm wide splashbacks should be out around Easter.


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