Wednesday, 23 April 2014

The ugly dresser...

Thanks for all your input over my last post. It's a good thing that this is not a parenting blog! I know those of you who think I'm a meanie are right. And I appreciate the comments from like minded decorators who struggle with/refuse to please their kids. I'm convinced we can find common ground that will please us both. Connie was horrified at the bad pictures I showed you and said she was embarrassed and was going to delete my blog! So if I disappear you'll know why. She no longer wants sunshine yellow. Result! We will get there. I haven't quite finished painting the skirting boards yet! Can't rush these things...

Over the Easter hols I was under a self imposed DIY ban. I decided that I should down tools and we'd do fun things together and have days out. Well, I managed if for two weeks and then on the bank holiday weekend I cracked.

Remember the ugly dresser?

I started to replace the missing back. The plywood you see here isn't original!

Starting with the base unit, I clad the back with cheap new tongue and groove. It looked very new.

And even though this is inside the cupboard and I'm the only person who will see it, I needed to change it.

I made a strong solution of tea and painted it on the wood. It failed.

I added a small dollop of black acrylic paint to the mixture and tested it on my off cuts. It looked good.

I painted it on with one brush, and wiped it off with a dry brush.

Once it dried it looked like this...

 It's not an exact colour match but the pine will darken over time and it might get closer in colour then.
 I'm really pleased with how it turned out. It almost looks like it might be the original back now. With real filth.

I did the same treatment on the tongue and groove for the top part. You can see the difference it makes here...

It really gives a dirty old pallet wood look.

 I can't fit the back on yet as I need to sort the paintwork of the shelves first. I'm keeping the boards as wood as I thought it would be a nicer contrast with the white ironstone china. 

I sanded the counter top...


I cut the edges off so the dresser fits the wall now. 

 I drew round a glass to make the corners rounded and used the same paint and tea stain to make the newly cut edges the same colour as the old.

So we're getting there bit by bit.

I can do no more for now. My products turned up from the factory and have taken over the rest of the dining room!

Oh my goodness! I urgently need a bank account and an on line shop. So much to do! I can't wait to share with you but I want everything set up first. And pretty photos.

Can you guess what it is though? If you guess correctly I won't publish your comment. And Vix, you're not  allowed to play.


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  1. Beautiful Farmhouse style decor! LOVE the white dishes/ironstone collection!
    Visiting from TImewashed today.

  2. I can't begin to guess what that all is (I'm guessing NOT a job lot of deck chairs ...) - the dresser's looking great though.

  3. Boo! Spoilsport!
    Love that dresser, that would look fab in our utility room and the black paint is a brilliant idea.
    Went to Wilkos for paint today as I know you love their own stuff and have to say, its ace. Not sure you'll approve of the colour, though! xx

    1. Haha! Can I send Connie to live with you? She's very good. xx

  4. Your Dresser is lovely. I am determined that I will have one one day, I just need somewhere to put it! x

    1. Thank you Wendy, I fell in love with another teeny weeny one at last weeks flea market and stood there for ages thinking where I could squeeze it in! xx

  5. Are they vintage painted signs on old-fashioned windows? Or personalised fancy-pants crates? The dresser looks fabulous! I can't wait to see what your shop is like :) xxx

  6. The dresser is looking ace. X

  7. you did a fab job on the corners on the dresser, which looks even more gorgeous now.

    Really intrigued by the parcels of product ...

  8. Love the dresser but I must say the booty looks like a bunch of radiators to me - can't wait to see what it is/they are! Jane x

    1. Thanks Jane! Hmm, radiators to make radiator coffee tables? Nope!

  9. You did a great job on the dresser - and on dissuading Connie from bright yellow!
    I have NO idea what your products are - come on, don't be such a tease! Hope you become a gazillionaire from them, though! xxx

  10. Oh my what a gorgeous piece you have there! Definitely worth the work to fix it up. Thanx for partying at THT.

  11. Your talents are endless!! You make it sounds so easy - Just cut off the edges and rounded off the corners! I wouldn't have a clue!! It looks lovely though :)
    Looking forward to seeing what your new project is xx

  12. I LOVE that dresser.
    I'm intrigued re the new project!
    M x


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