Saturday, 25 October 2014

Secondhand scores...

Er, thank you for your lovely comments on my last post. (sniff.) One day someone somewhere will be googling the correct way to use T hinges and it will all be very useful for them, so there.

Later than promised, here are my recent secondhand scores... (I know you're only here for the secondhand tat.)

From the flea market, this cool rusty card filing cabinet. My husband got a little bit complainy at this one and asked what on earth I was going to do with it. Once I'd cleaned it and sealed the rust with a coat of matt varnish, it mysteriously found it's way into his office. Funnily enough, it's the perfect size for DVDs.

I like rust but I don't want it shedding everywhere and marking things...

Bad Bobby approves...

On the same day I got this vintage wire shopping basket...

It's a very old one...

I'm tempted to remove the handle.

On the Internet I found a lovely vintage English Lady dress which was cheap as chips...

It'll be perfect for next summer with its groovy print.

Oh, and this little cutie came from the car boot sale...

Isn't it sweet?

When I eventually build shelves in the living room, this will be on them. I don't know if I like the sewing machine best or the box it comes in!

I think it'll be great for teaching Connie to sew but I can't imagine such a gleeful expression on her face as the girl on the box.

That's all folks. Next time I need to show you the most amazing gift I was sent. Vintage of course. And an update on Connies room and the colour we've agreed on.


  1. YAY....I do loves me tat!!!......very jealous of all three but that sewing machine is gorgeous xx

  2. I've got a few children's sewing machines, but yours is the deluxe model! It's a beauty and will look lovely displayed on the shelf when it's built!

  3. What a lovely haul, I love it all.
    No! Don't remove the handle from the basket I like it. Superb sewing machine and how gratifying to find vintage on the interweb that's as cheap as chips...well done you!

  4. Some great pictures - I love the vintage/reuse theme of your house.

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

  5. Haha - glad to hear your hubby managed to get over his whinging about the filing cabinet :) That sewing machine is adorable!! xxx

  6. I love the photo of Bad Bobbie, although he does look just a little miffed. The sewing machine is precious!!!!

  7. Great drawers, love! As modelled by the delicious BB, although he's looking a bit shifty - he's obviously just done something bad!
    I would leave the handle on the basket myself, And I suspect the cute sewing machine might be better as a decorative object rather than a working machine for Connie - I remember having a similar one at home when I was a kid (it must have been my oldest sister's originally) and it was a bugger to actually sew with! But give it a go, it could be fine with a bit of a service.
    Loving the English Lady frock! xxxx

  8. Love your shift dress - very retro air stewardess in read, white and blue! The drawers are ace, love me a bit of office furniture as does Bad boy Bobby!
    The Viking machine would make a brilliant display piece, it looks very familiar. One of my friends must have had one when I was little.
    The basket made me smile, they still use those in the Asian supermarket on the corner. Should I hold them up at gunpoint and sell them? xxx

  9. Bit behind here! That sewing machine is a beaut! And having just commented on the newer post I shall also say on this one... Mr B bought home a big 4 drawer filing cabinet from Leeds I think it was, via the touring scenery wagon down to Bristol and then again on the train to Pompey at that time and then a black cab from the station to home then we had to get it up 3 flights of stairs!! Who says not being able to drive can hold you back???!
    Great patterned dress. Roll on summer!

    1. Amen to that. Mr B sounds like the perfect man! xx


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