Sunday, 15 March 2015

Everything stops for tea...

I wanted to make something for the lady who works on the designs for the shop and decided to use this vintage tea caddie...

 It's got this nice wired up corner thing going on and is lined with metal.

  I know she's from Stafford so I googled old advertising images from Stafford. Not much I could use. Until I found this image...

Nice fonts eh?
So I tracked down the fonts and printed them out. I positioned them on the box with tape and traced round the letters. It's like graphic design for simpletons.

Instead of painting the letters, I used a Sharpie. Colouring in is very therapeutic you know. Not that I'm suggesting you need therapy.
If you're going to try this, it's worth testing an inconspicuous area as with old dry wood, the ink can bleed over the lines.

I sanded it very lightly with fine sandpaper for a worn appearance...

I stuck a plant in it. I think white hydrangeas are my absolute favourite flowers.

Ta daa!

Now here's the freaky part.

This was her milkman growing up!

 I hope the mothers amongst you are being spoilt today and my thoughts are with those who have lost their mothers.

Connie was clearly very excited and came into bed with me at 6am with the best card ever.

The resemblance is astounding.

One to treasure. She gave me daffodils as is the Mothers Day rule in this house and a delightful butterfly necklace from Poundland. She always does her present shopping in Poundland. She's no fool.

Sorry I've had to turn on the comment verification thingy. I haven't got the time to be deleting 90 odd spam comments of a weekend. I'll try and turn it off again when the spammers have forgotten all about me. 

Back soon with a really fun secondhand score. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. 

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  1. I LOVE the tea box.....hope you don't mind if I steal the idea from you Em xxxx

  2. With a sharpie? It's brilliant! Connie's card is soooo sweet. Have a lovely day. Xx

  3. Happy mother's day to you too! Love the card - well done Connie x Jane

  4. What an ace makeover - I know Penkridge well, it's only down the road. I bet that lady was thrilled with your kindness. Connie's card is sweet. xxx

  5. What a lovely chest - I know Penkridge so it's nice to have a little bit of history preserved.

    Lizzie Dripping

  6. Gorgeous...and the milkman connection makes it even more special. Awww lovely card from Connie. x

  7. If I picked up that box in an antique shop, I would have thought the graphics were original to the box! You've done a wonderful job transforming a plain Jane box into a real treasure!

    Your daughter's drawing and message are a treasure, too. Sweet!

  8. A lovely gift - and what a fab coincidence! That photo is a classic, love those kids playing in the milk (which I just mistyped as milf...) float.
    Connie's card is a beauty; I got my first ever card from the kids today, I've never bothered with Mothers Day at all, but this year Claud decided to organise flowers and a card, bless her. Didn't do the ironing for me, though... xxx

  9. What a wonderful gift and I love that you have put the thought to use something from where she grew up. Your mothers card is one to treasure and remind her when she is throwing a hormonal strop later on in life xx

  10. what a lovely post. I love your blog. Happy Mother's day ♥

  11. Gorgeous present for your friend! I'm still debating whether to go over the writing on my cider crate with a sharpie, I'm so scared of spoiling it. I love the card Connie made for you, I have some real treasures packed away too. I'm also with you on the spam, that's the reason I turned comment moderation on too, the spammers have left me alone for a wile now but it's easier to leave it turned on. I hope you had a wonderful Mothers Day x

  12. see the £92 crate pic I just put on facebook. You should start a crate factory.

  13. Awww- that card is ADORABLE. Fifteen times to the moon AND BACK?! That's a whole lot of love! xxx

  14. You took a piece of junk and made it a treasure, she will love it!
    Connie :)


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