Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Finishing off little jobs and launching MY SHOP!

I've been a busy bunny since I saw you last. I've put my trim on the dresser to stop the plates falling down and smashing everything in sight...

I went for a very plain square profile as the dresser is very plain and square...

So that's now 100% completed. Unless I make some doors for the top section later on...

I also finally put up a door frame on the pantry door...

I can't even remember why the old frame had to go.
Oh well, it wasn't as nice as this one...

This was really NOT straightforward. It seems there's a world of difference between cutting piddly little bits of trim with mitred corners and huge fat chunky wooden door frames. Hand mitre saws have a slight wobble and I had to go out for replacement wood three times before I managed this. In the end I bought a mitre block and got my corners looking good.

Well, good enough for me. Once caulked and painted it's fine.

I also had to cut holes for the hinges and this was also complicated as I was cutting on the curve of the door frame. Slight wobble but I don't think it shows when it's painted...

 At some point I'm going to have to do something with the rest of this wall. It's going to create a dust cloud. Which means cleaning everything in sight. I've put it off for a long time.

And that floor isn't staying. If  I get paint all over it, new flooring will become as big a priority for my husband as it is for me.

Fat Freddy looking bewildered. ''Mummy, why do you take photos of doors? It's not normal.''

So what else have I got to report? I did some research on the alligator case and found this one on ebay...

This one is the real deal, a vintage Mark Cross...

It was on ebay for the best part of £250.

See how the skin has dried out between the scales?

Like mine!

So I've decided mine is real too. Result. It's really tactile. I can't resist stroking it.

There's a useful little film on youtube which will also help anyone work out if their alligator or crocodlie leather is the real deal...

Thank you to Anna who wrote to me recommending Urad polish from Lakeland for reviving leather bags and cases. I used Kiwi dark tan polish but I can see that might get colour on your clothes if this were a handbag so Urad is Annas top tip.

Keep your eyes peeled for hidden gems in the charity shops girls! 

Last of all, the eagle eyed among you might have noticed a new button at the top of the page leading you to my very own shop BARTLEBY and SAGE.
It took seven or eight weeks from having the idea to product manufacture and then TEN MONTHS to put the shop together.
Which is ridiculous!
But hey, we're there now.

Despite having no proper shop I've done well just from people randomly finding me through the blog and Pinterest pictures. I've got more designs in the pipeline and they are VERY exciting. I have not forgotten my giveaway competition promise dear readers but I'll wait until I have more products so you can have a choice.

These are the photos from our professional photo shoot. Clearly they aren't my photos as they are level. Fortunately I'm married to a professional photographer. Our kitchen had never been so clean!

And fear not, I'm not going to bleat on and on about the shop but I will show you our new designs from time to time mainly because I'll be overexcited and giddy about them and I won't be able to stop myself.

But do come and take a look at the shop. There's something for everyone I think you'll find.

If you like the colour blue and are into vintage style splashbacks...


  1. How exciting to have the shop up and running! Feel free to bleat on as much as you like, I'm sure we'd all love to see what you have there. Looks like you've been really busy, I need some of your get up and go. My bathroom still isn't finished and, while I've had a few ideas for the paper flowers I still only have one half finished project. The dresser and the pantry door look great and I love the case. Have just been over to 'like' the shop on FB, can't wait to see what else you put on there! x

    1. Thank you Sarah! Finishing off anything is the hardest part. Starting new things is much more fun.

  2. Congrats on your new shop...popped over and looking gorge Em. And thanks for rubbing it in AGAIN on that fabulous suitcase find ...I''m so envious I can taste it in my mouth :-)

    1. Thank you Meg! If I find another aligator case for £4 I shall post it to you in Australia!

  3. WoW! that is very exciting news and well done too. and we won't mind how much you bleat on xx

  4. Yay! Congratulations on getting the shop up and running.
    Look at Fat Freddie, he looks ever so bemused, bless him. Jon uses Vaseline on his snakeskin boots (a tip from June at Second To None). Yes, you wouldn't want boot polish on your posh frock, would you? xxx

    1. Thank you! Does Jon have a posh frock he's trying not to get polish on?!

  5. congratulations on the new shop. Your kitchen is looking stunning. And mighty clean. Much envy ♥

    1. Ah that was ages ago. It's a pig stye now. ;)

  6. Ooh, you've been cracking on, Emma! Well done for getting the shop started, looking forward to seeing your other designs. And you really are the woodwork queen - Fat Freddy agrees, you can tell by his little face! xxx

  7. I'm sure your flooring is what was on ours when we moved here 30 odd years ago! Funny how husbands don't see the priorities that we wives see.....

  8. Oh, to have a dresser like yours filled with ironstone.....sigh. Your pantry door looks amazing and I'm darn impressed with your skills at cutting out the opening for the hinges. Wow!! Congratulations on the opening of your online shop!!!

  9. Eeep!! CONGRATULATIONS! That's such exciting news- I will be directing all home-owning friends your way immediately. And the renters too, actually- as there must be a way to attach a splashback temporarily. The larder door is looking great too and will be perfect after painting xxx


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