Friday, 6 March 2015

Patchwork mirror...

Do you remember this exquisite piece of patchwork that VIX sent me?

So what to make with it? It's a very fragile piece so cushions or a bed throw are ruled out. It just won't withstand being sat on. What is a girl to do when she's mad about vintage textiles but only has three beds to dress and a cushion hating husband?

Why a patchwork mirror of course!
Er, yeah. A clue was in the title.

We loved this car boot mirror I found for my daughters room...

But some mirrors are just not flattering and this was one of them. What's all that about? Is it the bevelled edge that makes that happen?

Anyhow, I spied one in my charity shop that was REALLY flattering. It had a plainer frame that was covered in a faux brown leather which was peeling off. I bought it and gave myself blisters peeling the rest of the vinyl off. Underneath it was MDF which was now very rough and damaged.

I primed and painted it white so that the darker MDF wouldn't show through the pale fabrics.

I very carefully washed and dried the patchwork then I positioned it over the frame, mindful to avoid the holey bits and trying to keep the patchwork shapes square to the frame.

I stapled round the outside edge then cut the hole in the centre so I could pull it smooth and staple in the recess where the glass sits.

Ta daa!

Connie really likes it! Now, if I'd have told her what I planned on doing she'd have said it sounded disgusting. A bit like a husband might. So in future I'll just do what I like and trust in her good taste to like it.

I love that you can see all the little hand stitches. And I LOVE that we've all lost half a stone in this mirror!

There's plenty of material left for future projects, but in the meantime, I couldn't resist making a patchwork lavender bag or five...

filled with lavender from my garden. I'll have to harvest more this year. It's so expensive to buy!

I backed them with another fabric to make the patchwork go further.

I also sneaked in another quick project. All whilst I should be finishing the kitchen...More of that next time...


  1. gorgeous, stunning - well done ♥

  2. What a clever idea! I've got quite a few old quilt pieces and now you've given me some great ideas of what to use them for. I love the sweet little hearts, too!

  3. That is utterly brilliant, I absolutely love the patchwork mirror and those beautiful lavender bags. What a fantastic idea for saving and breathing new life into that poor, delicate old quilt! x

  4. What a fantastic way to use the patchwork! Miss mac wants a full length mirror for her bedroom and I'm struggling to find one that I like so maybe I should just buy a plain one and decorate it. I have a great mirror in my bedroom that makes me look at least half a stone lighter - also, due to the fact that it doesn't get cleaned very often it also blurs the wrinkles and makes me look 5 years younger - I LOVE it!

  5. Now that is a fabulous and unique make over what a great idea :-) It looks gorgeous and I am glad your daughter appreciated and loved it. Love the lavender bags to and I can imagine the yummy smell :-) look forward to seeing you kitchen make over object, dee xx

  6. what a fantastic use of a delicate piece of patch work, it looks fantastic...and the lavender bags are beautiful x

  7. Ooh, I somehow missed this post - what a great idea! The quilt is lovely, and the mirror and lavender hearts make beautiful use of it. xxx

  8. It looks gorgeous :) And I love those little lavender hearts- they're so sweet! xxx


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