Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Sunday booty (better late than never!)

 I'm late with my post but the weekends boot sale was pretty good. This is a vintage barbola mirror that I paid £2 for. It has convex glass that has been broken and then someone glued another piece of convex glass over the top but it's smaller and it's also dropped off.
It's a large wall hanging mirror.
 So I think I'll replace all the glass with flat bevelled glass as it probably costs a fortune to get convex glass made. If you still can!
Here I am, trying not to get in the shot as I haven't brushed my hair yet. Don't you hate photographing mirrors?

          Found this painting. I have  no idea if it's oil or acrylic but it has some age to it and I'm hoping it's an old master!
It's probably painting by numbers...
I like the colours though and it's signed.  And I don't think you can go too wrong with original art for a fiver.

Anyway, enough procrastination, time to get on with some housework. Sadly.


  1. Super mirror! Might it be worth checking out your local charity shops for a new (old) convex glass? We sometimes see them at the Oxfam furniture store near us. The frame is so lovely it would be worth replacing the glass if you could find one that fitted. Mind you, a plain glass mirror would look good too. Though I have to say I have a soft spot for witch mirrors! Sorry, rambling here!

    1. Maggie, I did just that! I found a brass framed convex mirror at the boot sale yesterday and bought it for £1, convinced it was too small. But it's a prefect fit so I've managed to restore the mirror and still only spent £3. I wouldn't have thought of it if it wasn't for your suggestion so THANK YOU!

  2. I never knew they were called witch mirrors! I will keep a look out!


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