Friday, 21 September 2012

French style furniture finds...

 Finished the chalkboard! Seasoned it too. Apparently you have to rub chalk all over it before you use it or you will never rub your writing off!
Can't hang it over the panelling where I wanted it to go as the wonkiness off the writing and the ever so slight wonkiness of the dado rail create an 'optical illusion' of total incompetence. (Sigh) And there you were, thinking I was a DIY goddess...
 Harvesting the lavender. Big job. My huge jam pans are coming in handy. At some point, when I can get to the dining table I will stitch up lavender bags and teach my daughter how to make them.
 Look at this lovely plastic 1950's lampshade I got at a boot sale for 50p. I gave the trim at the top and bottom a good soak in biological detergent and I absolutely love this.
 Look how gorgeous it is with the light on. The plastic parts have a lace effect on them.
You can just see my bedside table with a top I made from vintage china mosaic.
 This sweet bench was reduced from £45 to £15 in Wilkinsons. How could I not? I'm a total sucker for anything French looking!
 Er, like this. Another one for the painting pile.  From Ebay.
And I got this for just £5 and thought it'd look great painted in my milk paint. Funny how cats want to get in the way when ever a camera is about.
Bad Bobby is all better. The family that gave the boys to us when they emigrated to Australia just after xmas, are back in town! It didn't work out.
They can't possibly have the boys back because they are now completely and utterly spoiled and get to sleep with me at night, rather than being shut in the kitchen. They go to sleep purring every night, thinking themselves very lucky.
We did try shutting them away but we were constantly disturbed by the sound of them trying to break out of the kitchen. They also liked to break into the pantry. We put chairs in front of the pantry door and would wake to the sound of chairs being pushed around the floor. This way we all get a good nights sleep.
 I'm hoping we don't have a custody battle on our hands!

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  1. I love your bench with the rose tapestry pillows. Very beautiful.

  2. I love seeing what you've given a makeover to, great finds this week. I picked up a gold ornate picture fram at the boot sale last week and can't decide whether to paint or not, decisions decisions!

  3. You are clever! That garden bench and the transformation of the side table are absolutely gorgeous. That maxi skirt you mentioned sounds stunning. I had something similar & stupidly sold it on eBay a few years ago, I regret it every time it snows! x

    1. I know what you mean! It's like a thermo nuclear heat conductor. I need a bit of courage to wear it though....

  4. You managed to get some great bargains there. I especialy love the bench...a bargain. The little lampshade is very pretty, it doesn't look like plastic at all.

  5. Love the chalkboard, very cool and love your blog x

  6. Great finds - particularly love the bench - what a bargain!

  7. Hello :) I found your blog through Lakota's Ta-dah! Tuesday and just wanted to say how much I love it. Before/after shots of house and furniture make-overs are pretty much my favourite thing in the world (beaten only by Keanu Reeves turning up on my doorstep with a big chocolate cake... A girl can dream :p) so I imagine I will be spending a lot of time looking through your blog archive :)

    Katie x

    1. Welcome Katie! You are the famous 'Custard cream footstool' girl! I have that page bookmarked ready to try some day!

  8. I just love your style and your menu board is so pretty! You are so talented!

    Thanks for inspiring me today!

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