Sunday, 16 September 2012

Getting nowhere fast...

 I haven't done an awful lot to the kitchen as I've been a single parent cruelly abandoned by my husband who has been 'working' in Cannes. We've also had difficulties getting to school this week and it's all taken it's toll on my progress. I did pretty much finish one wall. I decorate one wall at a time which I think isn't the correct way to do it but it keeps the mess and dust to one area and has the added bonus of letting me see the end result faster. It's not going to be all white but I haven't decided on a colour yet...
The coving is still up! Wahey!
Found this at the boot sale this week, a little French wall mounted shopping list for 50p. I have a lot of kitchenalia and I'm actually in danger now of ruining the clean sleek look of my walls so there will have to be decisions made as to what goes up...
 A vintage enamel flour sifter by Tala. So sweet. How could I leave this behind?
 I got this a week ago and have been repainting it for my kitchen wall. The frame was red and I don't do red. The lettering was a big sticker that offended me so I had to trace it, scrape it all off and repaint it on. This is the first time I've used blackboard paint. You can see it's still wet here. I just need to dirty up the lettering with dark wax so it's not so bright.
 How can I make my bed when the boys jump in when I get up?
Poor Bad Bobby has a nasty cut on his paw pad which isn't bleeding but it's hurting him and he's limping around looking pitiful. He'll be off to the vet tomorrow to have it properly trussed up. I cleaned it and put a plaster on it but he got it off in seconds! I think he needs a lampshade collar. And I'm frightened to bandage him as I don't want to cut off his circulation...
It's always Bobby. He has cost us a fortune in vets bills and we've not even had them for a year. He's accident prone, immune to antibiotics, a fighter, mean to his brother and my daughter, jealous and generally awful. Fortunately he gives me passionate kisses in the morning and follows me around the house so he is my favourite despite his badness.
The other one, Fat Freddy, is all sweetness and light. He and my husband have a special bond and he hangs out in the office all day.

I'm still waiting for my milk paint almost 6 weeks on. I have been unlucky as Jackie from 'The Barristers Horse' ordered some which came in a week. My furniture is waiting...

Happy weekend everyone.

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  1. The coving looks really nice, have you used emulsion on it, the same as the wall above? Great boot finds, by the way! And I love your cats names :-)

  2. Yes, it's just white emulsion. I need to tidy up the edges of the ceiling paint as I got coving adhesive all over you do. The panelling is in waterbased eggshell.

    1. Sorry, I meant the panelling not coving. I see, so eggshell on the panelling and emulsion everywhere else. Looks very professional. Thanks for visiting my blog today!

  3. I've been cruelly abandoned too - mine's working in India and left me with the kids. I'm sure he'd be thrilled to come back and discover I'd done ANYTHING in the kitchen aside from make a mess! That little shopping list is fab, I love it.

    1. He is never thrilled! I think my DIY damages his fragile self esteem somehow as he can't do it and I make an enormous mess and get paint on the floor and I generally drive him mad...

  4. In our first flat we carefully repapered the walls of the living room,only to realise this left a big gap between the paper on the walls and the ceiling. So, we put up coving. On top of the wall paper. And then we filled the ends with a sort of papier mache of toilet roll and plaster filler. And then we painted over it. And then eventually we moved on, feeling guilty about the day when the new owners would decide to repaper the walls. I envisioned the whole lot, wallpaper, ceiling paper and coving, coming down on their heads in one big tent. Possibly with a large chunk of plasterwork from the ceiling...

    I feel better after that confession. Will two hail marys and emptying the hoover do for penance?

  5. Hehe! I love your creative approach! Toilet paper?! Inspirational!

  6. Love the French shopping list and I really like what you have done with the chalk board - lovely.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger


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