Sunday, 2 September 2012

Sunday booty and chazzing finds!

 I cannot bear the word 'thrifting' on UK blogs. We don't have 'thrift shops' they are 'charity shops' so it's 'chazzing!'

Sorry, needed to get that off my chest!

Time for my recent crapola...

Like most UK parents this week I was seriously stung in the Clark's shoe shop. I have therefore decided to up my game and amass a stockpile of good quality second hand footwear so I might never have to set foot in there again. Except for the measuring... All these were £1.

 Kitchenalia! Love love love it! One day these will be displayed in my Country Living worthy kitchen (more of that later...)
                                 No idea what these guys are for but I love them.
 Oh yes! My husband had to almost spoil my joy by enquiring exactly why we need a very heavy old lump of metal that we're not actually going to use for anything. Honestly! Men!
This is beautiful and reminds me of my Grandad.
 You can never have too many vintage baubles. If you do, your tree is just too small.
 This is the thing I found in Topsham in the Air Ambulance shop. It's exactly like one that belonged to my Grandmother. But as this is not a family heirloom, just a stunt double, it might well be sacrificed for a bit of experimental spray painting. I do have a bit of a mannequin fetish, I'll admit, and I am still working on the previous one. I did some work one night before I went away and I'm ready to sew the cover up. But don't hold your breath...

This is in the corner of my bedroom and I keep stubbing my toe on it.
 This is my kitchen. Sadly. It was installed in the eighties and looks its age. I can't afford a new kitchen but I'm removing some tiles, and stripping the wallpaper. For now...
 Lots of plaster came off with the tiles but that's OK as I plan to panel this area... I have painted the ceiling which has a texture like porridge. I use 'Crack Free ceilings' by polycell which is fab in terms of stain coverage and I can get away with 2 coats on seriously discoloured ceilings! I plan to cove in here too. (If I can fit it in above those cupboards!)
                                                                               Nice tiles. (not)
 And lovely textured wallpaper...
 Trouble is, it leaves the walls in a very pock marked state when the paper comes off, so there's a lot to do before the walls are worthy of a can of Farrow and Ball!
And I found this cute retro radio at the boot sale yesterday which will look lovely in my kitchen when (if) I ever finish it.

Happy Sunday!

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  1. Gosh, what a load of goodies. Loving the mannequin rather too much (!) and the typewriter is amazing. Lucky you!

    1. Thanks Loo! It's definately worth a few toe stubbing accidents!

  2. Love Love Love that Underwood I saw at FJI Satuday Nite Special! I just wrote a post on decorating with Vintage Typewriters! Thanks for the tip about Charity Shops and chazzing, too.

    1. Ooh lovely post! My heart sank when you mentioned thrifting but you're in America so it's allowed! Haha!

  3. Came over from your comment on my post. I read and read and read until I decided just to come back again. I loved your blog so much, I am your new Linky follower! I adore the dress form - I love them and buy them every chance I get!

    Distressed Donna Down Home

    1. Thank you Donna.....Added you to my blog list!

  4. Not too sure, but the wire 'thingys' look a bit like the Scottish griddle cake 'thingys':-)

  5. Ooh, intensive google research coming up. I'm ignorant about Scottish griddle cakes I'm afraid!

  6. Great selection of finds, there, particularly love your typewriter. Am looking forward to tomorrow's boot sale, having missed the last couple of weeks due to being away!

  7. Love the typewriter - great find!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  8. Hi there - didn't know about chazzing! Love your Underwood. I also scored one of these over the summer. Haven't found the right spot for it yet for picture taking for my blog! I like your simple idea! Thanks.

    Great to get to know you via the blogosphere. Hope you will visit my blog as well (found you on Funky Junk). I post there often as well!



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