Saturday, 8 September 2012

Kitchen progress...

 So, I showed you the dated tiles, and what you are left with if you start pulling them off late at night when your husband is out.
What a lovely surprise he had when he got home!
Luckily I DID have a plan! I got these 'Easipanel' er, panels from the DIY store and covered the holey plaster with them. It wasn't easy. (Easipanel were clearly having a laugh when they came up with that name) They needed cutting top and bottom as the people who built this house had obviously never used a spirit level!
But it was probably easier than cutting individual planks...and these won't move like planks can so the paint shouldn't crack.
There were 4 panels needed on this wall. 

I also decided to replace my hideous 1960's short skirting boards at the same time which wasn't easily done as nowadays skirting is not only taller but much fatter too. And seeing as I didn't want to replace the door architraves too (I'd probably end up needing to re plaster!) I had to find an alternative. I chose a length of pine shiplap 16 x 125 which fits nicely with the doorframes, has a pretty profile and was £1 a metre! The timber yard cut it down for me so I could carry it home easily.
So here's the paneling with a first coat of primer apart from where the caulk is drying.
The Easipanel has a matching dado rail that sits on the top and finishes it off nicely. Obviously this will be painted too. And  the plaster hole above the dado will be filled.

Today I coved the whole room so that's going to look much nicer.
This is just the back kitchen though. There's another room which is the middle kitchen that I haven't really started on. That was the original kitchen and the back one is an extension. We think of this house as a ten year project!

So that's what I've been up to. Rather dull but it has to be tackled before the fun parts like choosing colour and curtains and decorating with my vintage kitchenalia.

My dear friend Theresa took me to the boot sale this morning and I picked up a couple of small oak kitchen cupboard doors for turning into signs or chalkboards. One more bootsale tomorrow and it's looking like another scorcher.

Happy weekend!

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  1. Hi, are those panels MDF and you just paint them? I could do with something like that in our tiny loo.

    Good luck with the kitchen, I look forward to seeing your progress.

    Antonia, (

    1. Yeah, you get them from Homebase and they're like pressed MDF panels with a texture of wood. You could even pop them over existing tiles too but I don't think the Dado rail would fit so well and I'm always trying to squeeze more space out of this house. I've seen them used in a loo and they looked lovely! I'd use an oil based paint on them in a loo for better wipeability and protection!

  2. Thanks for the advice, I did wonder about wipeability, since we have three boys who don't always aim right! (Ha ha, hope that's not too graphic.)

    Your paint/makeover jobs are brilliant, by the way. I'm a novice to painting stuff, so I think I'll learn a lot here.



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