Thursday, 18 October 2012

Car boot sale finds and a fairy invasion...

After spending time googling Fairy garden images, my daughter and I decided to have a go at building one. We had this old shallow sink type thing  in the back garden that I'd never known what to do with. We managed to move it without breaking it but it weighs a ton. Then we hit the garden centre looking for tiny trees. The results of our hard work?

It's a work in progress! We need more plants and a fairy house but it was a lot of fun!

The path is sea glass and the patio is stone tiles...

The fairies are very happy. My friend enquired as to whether we were opening a new attraction for half term.

I said either that or calling Rentokill. 

It was a good boot sale on Sunday and I managed to score this wire and linen noticeboard for £1. 


I love it!

It's got this beautiful twisted wire all over it. This is SOOO me!
And I got a lovely old fishing creel. This one is very big.

 I had a smaller one and my daughters Disney princesses figures lived in there but they have outgrown it. It's nice to hide them away! The old creel has moved upstairs as a home for loo paper.
I will no doubt do a paint effect on this, like I did with the old one but it can wait for warmer weather as I do it on the lawn. Here's the old one I did a Farrow and Ball wash on...

  I love that pale basket look but it's very messy to do. The newer creel has an aged patina anyway so there's no rush.
The most exciting news I have to share as that we had our first flooring guy round! Woo hoo! I will share how disgusting our floors are when the flooring is done. Which should be before Xmas! It's been a long wait..


  1. That basket and notice board are stunning, what brilliant finds. The fairy garden is so sweet, I bet you and your daughter had so much fun creating it. xxx

  2. I remember making miniature gardens as a child when I stayed with my great-aunt, I even entered one into the village show! Very pretty. I love the notice board, what a great find. And I'll be looking out for a basket now, didn't think about painting them, it looks so much better. I just missed an old wooden trunk at a jumble sale last night, the guy in front of me snapped it up, I was gutted!

    1. Ah, that's happened to me. I was umming and aahing over a lovely vintage haberdashery chest and someone bought it and then I REALLY decided I wanted it. Grrr. You never forget the ones that get away...

  3. One pound?! What a beautiful bargain! Love the basket too. Recently found a fisherman's wicker bag in local flea market- gave it to a friend who'd been lusting after them in Ideal Home magazine... They're surprisingly lovely, seeing as they used to be full of worms and maggots :p


  4. Yeah, this one got a good hot shower to make sure there were no nasties lurking there! The bags are gorgeous too... they're on my wish list!


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