Monday, 29 October 2012

Head injury, head lice and Hallowe'en witch shoes

It's been quite a full on half term already. I was called to my daughters school on Friday afternoon as she'd had a collision with a bench and had a huge egg between her eyes. Poor thing. We went to A&E to get it checked and everyone around us in the waiting room seemed to have gastroenteritis. I wanted to scream at my daughter to not touch anything in there as sick was cleaned off floors all around us. Ugh! I wanted to leave children's A&E and go and sit with the drunks.
Anyway after a few hours we got seen and were sent home with the head injury leaflet and had a thorough hand washing! Her swelling is going down and she has two lovely black eyes. That'll save on face paint on Hallowe'en!
Then yesterday we found head lice. Great. We used the Hedrin once treatment which suffocates everything in 15 mins so you can comb them all out. It is fab! It's a silicone spray and I used it on my dry damaged hair after I'd done my daughter and I reckon my hair sucked up all the silicone as once it was washed it looked fantastic, like I'd straightened it when I hadn't! I think I'm going to use this once in a while, as it's like silicone implants for your hair!
We are now gearing up for the arrival of my dad and my daughters classmates for our Hallowe'en party. I've been stealing ideas off of pinterest!
This one is really cool although I probably haven't done it justice.
Marilyn Girling from Seeing things that aren't really there invented this technique and kindly gave me permission to write about her. Her blog is full of spooky touches and theatrical ideas and I love it.
Here's what we did.

We found some shoes from a charity shop. (They look like new but one has lost the bottom of the heel.)

We stuffed the toes and covered them in papier mache. Apparently yellow pages are better than newspaper as you get a finer surface. But we didn't have any.

We did three layers, the last being white paper. Then I set my daughter to work painting them red. I'm a firm believer in child labour.
Once they were dry I fell over one and broke it and had to start the process again to repair it. This post should have been done last week! (Yes, my daughter gets her clumsiness from me!)
Once they were dry for the second time, We covered them in PVA and red glitter and put stuffed stripey socks into the shoes.
Now, really these legs should be coming out from under the shed but the weather is not being helpful today so we propped them under my daughters bed.

Aren't they fun? We're looking forward to scaring her friends on Wednesday night. We could have made them more authentic with the correct bows on the front but the party goers are 6 years old and I doubt they are movie buffs.
And Marilyn's version is here.
Happy Hallowe'en everyone!

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  1. These are so cute! I LOVE seeing your daughter painting them, she will treasure these little darlings. I would predict that there will be a few little 6 years old leaving your party wishing they were wearing them. Great job and considering the week you've had...your amazing!

  2. Thanks Marilyn, Yep my daughter already wants to apply this technique to her school shoes! I will be forced to hide the glue from now on!

  3. So sorry to about your daughters bumb to the head hope it clears up nice and quickly for her. Wow those shoes and legs look amazing i love them ;-) What fun ;-)) Enjoy your party, dee x

  4. Your poor little girl!She looks so sweet at work on those shoes and they look utterly brilliant! x

  5. Brilliant - and great blog Emma!

    1. Thank you Hedli! Thinking of Nick in the storm... x

  6. Love the shoes! They are brilliant! Head you have made me want to scratch my head, the mere mention does it to me!!

  7. Just love all your Halloween stylees and props ... the shoes are fab. Glad little one's feeling better. Have a great party! M x


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