Sunday, 21 October 2012

Mindless vandalism... and car booty

I'm very sorry to share with you the disturbing news that our fairy garden that we worked so hard on, has been vandalised. Remember when the Blue Peter garden was vandalised, introducing the nations children to senseless crime? This is worse.
Because our delicate fairy garden has not only been dug up and the meandering sea glass pathway scattered hither and thither, it has been shat in!
Obviously this is upsetting and shocking. We live in a nice area.
Now, we didn't see who did this disgusting thing but I have my suspicions. More of that later...

On a lighter note, I scored this unusual 1940's foil and mercury glass garland at this mornings car boot sale! It was in a bag of tinsel marked 50p. It's almost 6 yards long and in fab condition!

I wrapped it around a jiffy bag to stop it getting tangled. I love this time of year when the charity shops and boot sales are starting to have vintage Xmas goodies.
I also found three nice old baubles, just in case I don't have enough.
It wasn't all good news though, I picked up three strings of vintage fairy lights in their boxes, none of which work!
You win some, you lose some.

And the vandal?  I think it's one of these guys. Note how they're desperately trying to look endearing here. A sure sign of guilt...

I'm onto them.


  1. Those evil kitties! I love them! Look at how they're cuddling! If you can't bring yourself to forgive them send them my way! x

  2. Sorry to laugh but I have shared this post with my hubby, we both thought it amusing and surely those two little gorgeous kitties cant be responsible, they look like butter wont melt!

    1. Yeah, that's their cunning plan. Don't you believe it!

  3. Such handsome puss cats, I think I'd forgive them their heinous crime. What a brilliant buy your garland was.

  4. aww it couldn't have been them, they look so innocent all cuddly, friendly and purry!

  5. I shouldn't laugh, but I did:-)

  6. Vandals that look that cute and innocent can get away with murder!
    Thanks for your comment on my blog, your blog is a great discovery as I can't resist thrift stores as well! Looking forward to admiring your finds!

  7. The garland is a beaut; what a find. And your kitties are gorg - they must be siblings!

    Thanks for your kind comment on my blog about my kitty. It's lovely to discovr a new blogger. :)

  8. So funny! But I'm sure you must be wrong, they look sooo innocent! M x


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