Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Dreaming of a pink Christmas...

Well not me! My poor six year old who isn't allowed a pink bedroom. (What a cruel mum I am!)
I spied this little tree at Sundays boot sale and thought it would make madam happy.

This is the only decoration in the house so far. Everything else is on torturous hold until the flooring goes down.
I thought the pink tree would be the perfect place to display our collection of 1950's plastic decorations.

 Some have little dangly bells that hook on...

And of course we had to top the tree with a vintage fairy.

 At least one corner of the house is looking festive. And I'm happy with the knowledge that there will be no more pink anywhere in the rest of the house! This is so wrecking the French country vibe I was aiming for. Well the tree and the damn princesses.


  1. Love the vintage fairy and the decs but no offence, not so keen on the tree! Perfect for your little one of course and as you say it does contain the pinkness all in one area. Altogether a successful bootfair buy I'd say.

  2. No offence taken! It's not me either! Hehe. I'm more of a traditionalist red and green kind of girl!

  3. Well done for resisting the pink! That's just about the right level of pinkness and at least it comes down after Twelfth Night! x

  4. Oh its lovely! The fairy is very similar to our old one that was given to us by my mum and dad recently but she is quite old and not in as good a condition as yours!

  5. Lol, do you have an aversion to pink? I was planning to paint some furniture pink very soon! Not Barbie pink, though, more of a lavender hue.

  6. Just a bit. I did try and give my daughter a pink room when she emotionally blackmailed me aged two. ''You want me to be happy don't you?'' but despite covering a wall with tester splodges I couldn't bring myself to do it. I'm really funny about colour. I walked into a friends bathroom and named the colour of the walls accurately which scared us both! I go to bed reading paint charts!
    But most people would hate my white/cream/beige colourscheme and find it boring! Do what makes your heart sing!


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