Sunday, 23 December 2012

Praise be...

Someone asked my daughter (six and a half) what she'd asked Father Christmas for the other day.
''Fairy dolls'' came the reply.
This was news to me so I had to find out what she meant. Could she show mummy in the Argos catalogue the right kind of Fairy dolls?
No she couldn't. They don't exist in the shops.
Okay, so how is Father Christmas going to get them for you if they don't sell them anywhere?
''His elves will make them!''
Silly mummy.

So I made up an enormous lie about how the elves have no imagination and basically if you can't show them a picture of the thing you want in the Argos catalogue they just don't know what to make them like. She found something that was similar. We then distracted her whilst daddy went to collect them. They weren't quite the right thing but the best we could do in Hitchin with limited time.

And then, at this mornings boot sale, look what I found...

and a set of these...

a few of these...

and even some delicate furniture for the fairy garden

I swear I wasn't even looking for fairies! I think somebody up there is looking out for a very lucky lady!

And last weekend I visited my Aunt in her new care home in Fleet. She has a fantastic home and is doing really well in spite of having her leg off.
When I came out of her street heading towards the station there was a charity shop right in front of me. So I had to pop in of course. And the one next door to that and another seven or eight up the road. And I'm so glad I did!
I got some fabulous vintage Christmas decorations and this gorgeous tureen that matches my china! My dear Aunt might be getting more frequent visits in future! Fleet rocks! I was also sooo tempted by a 50's Ercol table for a tenner but I had to take it 55 miles and across London on the train...the fragile baubles and china were enough to contend with!

I've cleared the dining room (ish) and laid the table.

I am certainly looking forward to my annual Sunday lie in next week as I'm sure there's no boot sale. It isn't easy dragging myself out of bed in the dark when it's too early for the heating to have come on!

I want to thank you all for reading and following. I've just reached 10,000 page hits last week and I shall have to plan a giveaway to celebrate. I've not been blogging long but I feel blessed to be a part of a positive and caring community in blogland. I have made a friend in Rebecca (happy birthday for tomorrow!) and feel very inspired by all of you.

I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy and healthy new year! x


  1. Love the elves story, talk about thinking on your feet! That's incredible good luck to find those fairy dolls down the boot sale, your little 'un's going to be beside herself with joy come Xmas morning.
    So you're the Emma who sent the Vix fairy!!! You're the reason I decorated the house, she looked so forlorn on her own. I'll send Jon down to moan at you.
    Happy Xmas & a fabulous 2013! xxxxxxx

  2. Happy Xmas - love your blog xx chalky

  3. What fantastic finds; your daughter is a very lucky little lady :) I reached 10,000 views last week too- congratulations!
    I hope you and your family have a truly wonderful Christmas xx

  4. Finding the fairies was fate I reckon, I bet you couldn't believe your luck especially as they came with furniture.
    Happy xmas to you all.

  5. How lucky to find all those fairies - she will be a happy little girl! I love fairies too and have a collection of iron little ones for the garden which have not found their way to the garden yet but are tucked on bookshelves. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas. Patty/BC

  6. Oh Bless, am sure your daughter will be dead chuffed with the lovely fairies! The Elves obviously guided you well. Best wishes for a very happy Christmas from Liverpool.

  7. OH MY GOD!!!! They are the fairies from 'The adventures of the Disney fairies' which our eldest Henry has been besotted with for the past 3 days as they have shown the 3 part special on Disney junior. What a find, C is going to be thrilled with them.Wish I had managed to come with you now :( especially as it was the last one of 2012. But 2013 here we come darling! I will have a list of things to look out for and probably buy things that aren't really needed but will be loved.

    I hope you all have an amazingly joyous, lovingly festive and cosy Christmas xx


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